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Kobe One Day Highlights

(19) Reviews

Kobe is located only 30 minutes away from Osaka by train, yet the city's atomosphere is totally different. It's one of the three major port cities along with Yokohama and Nagasaki. Since the opening of the port about 150 years ago, Kobe has been influenced greately by foreigners; therefore, it has ... read more

by Mari
8h $ 243 up to 10 people

Himeji Castle, The Set of The Last Samurai or Engyoji Temple

(41) Reviews

First, I would like to introduce you to the most famous castle in Japan. In 1993, Himeji Castle was designated as the first World Cultural Heritage site in Japan. Because of its striking beauty and elegance, it is popularly known as the "White Egret castle", but in fact it was an impregnable for... read more

by Hideo
9:30h $ 279 up to 30 people

Sake Brewery and Osaka Castle

(7) Reviews

Kobe has been known for one of the best producer of Sake or Japanese rice wine. First we will visit sake museum in kobe where you see a traditional way of sake making through exhibits there. Most of tools displayed in the museum date back to The Taisho Era ( 1912 to 1926 ). In the sake-tasting ar... read more

by Yuko
4:30h $ 135 up to 5 people

Kobe & Himeji Castle w/Award-winning Photographer

(2) Reviews

We will go to Himeji Castle in the daytime and enjoy Kobe night on our way back to your hotel. Himeji Castle is also called White Heron Castle. As its name signifies, the castle's white walls beautifully mixed with four seasons-Cherry blossoms in spring,summer greens, autumn foliage, or snowflakes ... read more

by Ai
6h $ 399 up to 25 people

Excursion In Hiroshima, Okayama, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hyogo, Mie, and Lake Biwa

(13) Reviews

This is basically a custom tour. You may go around various popular sightseeing spots. Hiroshima, Okayama, or Mie is covered as well as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka. In principle, this isn't a tour accompanied by lodging. It suits those who want to go around various places and experience different experienc... read more

by Masaki
8h $ 216 up to 4 people

Machu Picchu of the East: The Ruins of Takeda Castle

(41) Reviews

The ruins of Takeda Castle is called the "Castle in the Sky" of "Machu Picchu of the East." They are truly appropriate names because the image of it floating above a sea of clouds, and gleaming in the light of the early morning sun in autumn is extremely beautiful. It's beyond description. The "Ca... read more

by Hideo
10:30h $ 297 up to 30 people

Let's Enjoy A Japanese Baseball Game at Hanshin Koshien Stadium !!

(41) Reviews

【VIDEO】 The content of the video consists of 2 parts. The first part early in the 1st minute is outside the Hanshin Koshien Stadium when the 96th Japanese high school baseball game was held on August 24th 2014. The second part is a Japanese professional baseball game that the Hanshin Tigers won ... read more

by Hideo
6h $ 162 up to 30 people

Kobe Half Day Tour

(19) Reviews

Kobe is a historic port city, easily accessible by local train from Osaka. Situated between the Rokko Mountains in the north and the harbor in the south, Kobe is a relaxing city with nice views. In this tour we will visit 3 or 4 of the following places of your choice: 1. Kobe Harborland Yo... read more

by Mari
6h $ 189 up to 10 people

Himeji Castle and Toy Museum

We visit Himeji Castle and a roofed shopping arcade in Himeji. In the afternoon we move to Koro town by JR train to visit " Toy Museum." It takes about twenty minutes from Himeji to Koro by train. read more

by Azusa
6h $ 342 up to 5 people

Tea picking experience & tea plantation walking/cycling (Seasonal tour)

(15) Reviews

We will visit Wazuka, the largest Uji tea production area located near the border of Kyoto and Nara prefectures. In this tour, we will enjoy the breathtaking scenery by walking/cycling this beautiful village registered as the first of the Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture. You'll have an optio... read more

by Seiko
7h $ 180 up to 7 people

Pick-your-own pears (during the harvest season) in Kobe

Let's enjoy picking pears at a farm in Kobe Nishi-ward. Kobe is famous for Kobe Beef, but you can enjoy tasting the freshness of just-picked pears. read more

by Toshiko
4h $ 135 up to 4 people

Pick-your-own grapes (during the harvest season) in Kobe and Akashi Tour by Toshiko (Tracy)

Let's enjoy picking grapes at a farm in Kobe Nishi-ward. Also I will show you my home town, Akashi-city read more

by Toshiko
8:30h $ 333 up to 4 people

Kobe special customized tour for cruise guests

Have you already booked a cruise tour with a stop at Kobe port? Are you thinking about how to spend your free time efficiently? I would like to offer a customized tour for you. If you have 7 hours' free time, you can enjoy various kind of experience in Kobe. read more

by Toshiko
8h $ 315 up to 10 people

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