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Himeji Castle+Kobe Beef Blast! w/Award-winning Photographer

(6) Reviews

We will go to Himeji Castle in the daytime and stop by Kobe harbour☆★ Himeji Castle is also called White Heron/Eagret Castle. As its name signifies, the palace's white plaster walls beautifully ... read more

by Ai
6h $ 528 up to 3 people

Himeji Castle, The Set of The Last Samurai or Engyoji Temple

(70) Reviews

First, I would like to introduce you to the most famous castle in Japan. In 1993, Himeji Castle was designated as the first World Cultural Heritage site in Japan. Because of its striking beauty an... read more

by Hideo
9:30h $ 279 up to 30 people

Let's Enjoy A Japanese Baseball Game at Hanshin Koshien Stadium !!

(70) Reviews

【VIDEO】 The content of the video consists of 2 parts. The first part early in the 1st minute is outside the Hanshin Koshien Stadium when the 96th Japanese high school baseball game was held on Aug... read more

by Hideo
6h $ 162 up to 30 people

Machu Picchu of the East: The Ruins of Takeda Castle

(70) Reviews

The ruins of Takeda Castle is called the "Castle in the Sky" of "Machu Picchu of the East." They are truly appropriate names because the image of it floating above a sea of clouds, and gleaming in th... read more

by Hideo
10:30h $ 297 up to 30 people

Himeji Castle & Kobe City Photogenic Tour (+ Hanshin Tigers game!)

(35) Reviews

Visit the most famous and beautiful castle of Japan - Himeji Castle with 400 years old of history. In the afternoon, we'll visit Kobe, known as a cosmopolitan city located between the Rokko Mountain... read more

by Seiko
8h $ 234 up to 6 people
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Samurai Tour of Himeji Castle and Enkyoji Temple

(1) Reviews

This tour includes very Japanese sight seeing spots such as Himeji Castle designated as World Heritage Site, beautiful Kokoen Japanese Style Garden, and Enkyoji Temple in Himeji. You will surely fe... read more

by Shogo
8h $ 252 up to 5 people

Private Tour of Himeji Castle and Ninjya Training Activity (optional)

(1) Reviews

This tour includes Himeji Castle designated as World Heritage Site, and beautiful Kokoen Japanese Style Garden nearby in Himeji. After lunch, if you would like, you will also experience Ninjya traini... read more

by Shogo
4h $ 126 up to 5 people

Tour to Himeji Castle and Brewery House

Himeji Castle was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the places most visited castle in Japan, and it still maintains its original form for over 400 years. In the neighborhood of the... read more

8h $ 180 up to 6 people

Sake Brewery and Osaka Castle

(9) Reviews

Kobe has been known for one of the best producer of Sake or Japanese rice wine. First we will visit sake museum in kobe where you see a traditional way of sake making through exhibits there. Most o... read more

by Yuko
4:30h $ 135 up to 5 people

Kobe One Day Highlights

(43) Reviews

Kobe is located only 30 minutes away from Osaka by train, yet the city's atomosphere is totally different. It's one of the three major port cities along with Yokohama and Nagasaki. Since the opening ... read more

by Mari
8h $ 243 up to 6 people

Kobe Half Day Tour

(43) Reviews

Kobe is a historic port city, easily accessible by local train from Osaka. Situated between the Rokko Mountains in the north and the harbor in the south, Kobe is a relaxing city with nice views. ... read more

by Mari
6h $ 189 up to 8 people

Kobe Night Harbor Tour

(43) Reviews

In this tour, we will visit spots where you can enjoy night views of Kobe. At Kobe Port, you can go up to see the view from Kobe Port Tower or from a ferris wheels at Mosaic Mall. read more

by Mari
4h $ 126 up to 6 people

Pick-your-own pears (during the harvest season) in Kobe

Let's enjoy picking pears at a farm in Kobe Nishi-ward. Kobe is famous for Kobe Beef, but you can enjoy tasting the freshness of just-picked pears. read more

by Toshiko
4h $ 135 up to 4 people

Himeji Castle and Toy Museum

(2) Reviews

We visit Himeji Castle and a roofed shopping arcade in Himeji. In the afternoon we move to Koro town by JR train to visit " Toy Museum." It takes about twenty minutes from Himeji to Koro by train. read more

by Azusa
6h $ 342 up to 5 people

Private Tour in Hyogo

Chat with a local tour guide you will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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