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Don’t waste your time trying to find tours to suit your requirements. Guides will create a customized itinerary just for you.

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Itinerary suggestions from our community of professional licensed guides will be sent based on your requirements. You can choose a suggested itinerary or edit it in order to make the most of your trip to Japan.

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Licensed guides are professionals approved by the Japan Tourism Agency. They have passed tough examinations, and are highly knowledgeable about the history and places that are featured in their tours.

With a private tour you can have:

Food & Drinks

You can choose your lunch or dinner according to your tastes, or ask the guides for recommendations on the meals and drinks in Japan.


Our guides can help you buy what you want in Japan, taking you to famous clothes, electronics, and souvenir shops.


If you want to try wear a kimono, see a Sumo fight, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, etc., our guides can prepare activities for you.


You can coordinate the meeting point with your guide, whether it’s at the lobby of your hotel or somewhere in the city. And you can also choose where you end the tour.


Where do you want to go? Which places do you want to visit? Our guides will propose an optimal itinerary for you and the people you are traveling with.


Our guides can answer any questions you may have about your trip to Japan. Whether it’s about transportation, visas, prices, or the weather, don’t hesitate to ask them!

Customer Reviews for Hyogo Tours

    Dmitriy ( United States )

    We, family of 4, booked 7-days cruise from Kobe and wanted to add a few days before and after the cruise to see Japan. We spent three days with Mitsuyuki. He picked us at our rental house in Kyoto with his van and took us to see temples and shrines of Nara. Then, on the next day, with all our luggage Mitsu-san drove us to Mt. Rokko and Kobe China town. We had real Kobe beef for lunch at a great restaurant and saw Kobe tower and Kawasaki museum. Mitsu took us to the cruise terminal and helped wit... view more

    Lee ( United States )

    Mr. Kanji took us on an unusual experience which we requested We wanted to visit the town where my wife's mother was raised. It is not a typical tourist destination. We were very nervous because of the emotional experience as well as we do not speak Japanese. From the beginning he helped us relax. He was very organized and seemed to have all the answers. So I asked if he had ever taken any other people to the same place. He said no but he had made the trip earlier just to prepare. I was amazed! ... view more

    Robert ( Germany )

    The tour with Moe was nicely planned, great English skills, relaxed. Definitely recommend her view more

    Meng ( Singapore )

    Miss Mari is a very professional, friendly and thoughtful tour guide. She understands the needs of my mother. Prior to the start of our private tour, Miss Mari managed to help us find a private van for rental even though our private tour booking is very last minute. She also helped us to make lunch reservation for kobe beef, which was a great lunch! We enjoyed our one day private tour to Kobe at our own pace enjoying the scenery and shopping in Kobe. Towards later in the evening, after ... view more

    Annie ( Malaysia )

    Mari is the best guide I hv ever met. She is very understanding, caring and approachable. Please go ahead to book her tours and you will definitely no regret. view more

    Christina ( Singapore )

    Mari was friendly and cheerful. She tried to be on the lookout for elderly accessible services like elevators and escalators. Arranged a very nice Kobe beef lunch for all of us. She tried to ensure that we leave with the Japanese experience of the origami - paper folding and showed us how Sake is made traditionally. Also made sure we got on the correct train back to Osaka Namba although I myself almost got on the wrong one! Thanks. view more

    Veronica ( Philippines )

    Our family was a group of 8 people with very old and very young members so it was a nightmare to bring them to the same pace and ensure that we complete a full day itinerary. But Mari was very patient and mindful. She adjusted the tour at Kitano, originally she intended to bring us to a house on top of a hill but seeing the difficulty of the older family members to navigate the steep hill she brought us instead to 2 legacy houses that were near each other. She also patiently waited for the membe... view more

    JENNY ( Philippines )

    We toured Kobe with Mari as our guide. I listed down the places my family and I would like to visit and she fixed our itinerary. She is accommodating and converses well in English. She made sure we would have a great time and we did! Thank you, Mari. It was nice meeting you. We all enjoyed the tour. view more

    Tessa ( Philippines )

    Mari is one of the kindest, patient and very accomodating tour guide. She went out of her way to find the Anello bags my sister was looking for, show us the bargain manga books for my daughter and her painting materials. Not only that, she made reservations for us at the famous restaurant known for Kobe Beef. She also shows us the many attractions of Kobe and knows how to interact with my kids. Also very patient with them. Lastly, went back with us back to Osaka station when she lives in Kobe... view more

    James ( United States )

    We enjoyed both tours we took in Kobe, both the million dollar night view and the tour of the castle. I would suggest that anyone interested in going to these places do a tour with Hildo. The subway/train system in Kobe is very difficult to figure out, I could not have used the subway without a guide (and I was raised in NY, and used the subways daily). view more