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Sake Brewery and Osaka Castle

(10) Reviews
by Yuko
4:30h HKD 1,049 up to 5 people

Pick-your-own pears (during the harvest season) in Kobe

(1) Reviews
by Toshiko
4h HKD 1,049 up to 4 people

Tour to Himeji Castle and Brewery House

8h HKD 1,398 up to 6 people

Kobe One Day Highlights

(48) Reviews
by Mari
8h HKD 1,887 up to 6 people

Himeji Castle, The Set of The Last Samurai or Engyoji Temple

(79) Reviews
by Hideo
9:30h HKD 2,167 up to 30 people

Let's Enjoy A Japanese Baseball Game at Hanshin Koshien Stad...

(79) Reviews
by Hideo
6h HKD 1,258 up to 30 people

Machu Picchu of the East: The Ruins of Takeda Castle

(79) Reviews
by Hideo
10:30h HKD 2,307 up to 30 people

Exploring Magnificent Himeji Castle with Unspoiled Sanctuary...

(41) Reviews
by Kenji
8h HKD 2,097 up to 6 people

Himeji Castle and Toy Museum

(7) Reviews
by Azusa
6h HKD 2,656 up to 5 people

Highlights of Kobe in one day

by Keiko
8h HKD 2,635 up to 8 people

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