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(4) Reviews

My name is Yuichi. My guests call me Ichi. Ichi means No.1 so I hope it's easy for you to remember my name. I am a licensed English speaking tour guide. I was born and have lived most of my life in Hokkaido. I have a lot of experience working a...

Response time: 7 hs
Hourly rate
$ 18.00
12 7 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 19.66


(3) Reviews

As a national licensed guide interpreter, I'd like to tailor your tours in Hakodate to meet your individual needs as well as show you around places of scenic beauty and historical interest in and around the city. Leave it all to me. YOU NAME IT, I'LL...

Response time: 13 hs
Hourly rate
$ 36.00
4 13 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 36.00


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I like going to new places and meeting new people. It gives you new perspectives and experiences that you might not be able to have in your own country. It is exciting, isn't it? I lived in Malaysia and Poland and worked as a Japanese language tea...

Response time: 19 hs
Hourly rate
$ 27.00
3 19 hs English ( License ) , Korean ( Beginner ) , Malay ( Beginner ) ‎$ 33.37


Welcome to Wakkani, Hokkaido! My name is Chie Moue. I am an English licensed Guide-Interpreter and also a forest instructor. If you love nature and would like to know more about the forests in Hokkaido, I am one of the most informative and experience...

Response time: 10 hs
Hourly rate
$ 28.80
2 10 hs ‎$ 28.80

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