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Nola Nola Australia ( Friends )
3 weeks ago

“ disappointed ”

We recieved a message late as we were out of range of WIFI which wasn't his fault, that M-A was unable to carry out his duty for the day. He sent along a young replacement who I might add was a lovely young man but had know knowledge of the area. We all felt it was a waste of time and money as we just ambled around without finding out anything of the local area. very disappointing


Thank you Nola for your review. Firstly, apologies for inconvenience with the 07-hour OTARU City Walk tour due to sudden emergency. I tried to contact you to update you about the unexpected situation in advance, but as you mentioned that you couldn't get back to me timely. So, there were two options either to cancel the booking, which I thought would cause more unease for you, would be more shocking for you. Therefore, I tried to find the best alternate and requested him to do this tour of Otaru City as this is a small port city next to Sapporo. After the tour, he briefed me about the tour mentioning that he took you guys to all the famous spots (must to do) in Otaru City. After telling him about your review, he was of contrary view as he told me that he took you to all the spots decided previously in the booking of the local area of Otaru City, which tourists usually visit. He also added that you guys faced difficulty in walking as you are senior citizens. This might be the reason that you felt unease and the tour was not that productive in your view. Moreover, he mentioned that he didn't get any compensation for the lunch etc during the 07-hour day tour from your side, as the tourists usually pay for the lunch for the guide and it is mentioned in my profile. If you feel that it was the waste of your money and couldn't appreciate my and my replacement's efforts, I don't mind reimbursing you the amount, Triplelights will pay me for this tour, though I will have to pay the other-guide from my pocket. This is the least, I can do now for you. Best Wishes,

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