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1 year ago |   by Susan

Tosh went out of his way to make our tour happen. I specifically wanted to visit Farm Tomita, Aoi Ike blue pond, and another summer farm. He gave us a quote of his fee ($200 USD) and we discussed the best way to get from Sapporo to Biei and the farms. I paid the guide fee in advance andHe suggested that he would rent a car and pick us up at our hotel. He did that and was on time in picking us up and driving out to the areas. We saw the areas that we wanted because he pre planned on how to get there in advance. He wasn't as knowledgeable about the farms or the area but it was ok as it was easy for us to see the places. I was taking other guests with me and would have felt more comfortable in NOT discussing the payment at the end of the day while he was driving us back to the hotel. He had made it clear that we would also pay the expressway toll fee and also the rental car fee. Not a problem, but I felt very comfortable that he discussed it in front of my guests. Other than that, it was a nice day and we learned some interesting info from Tosh and his wife, who also came along on our tour.