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sam Sam United States ( Couple )
9 months ago

“ Great Time in Sapporo Enjoying Local Places ”

First, I have to say that Yuichi was a great guide. We booked his "night out on Sapporo" tour. We showed up to our hotel in Sapporo at 3:00pm. Yuichi had already contacted me and my wife while we were in transit between the airport and our hotel to verify that we had made it. He met us at our hotel at 4:45pm as agreed upon. I had asked him to show us to a local eatery that served the famous local Sapporo dish, "Genghis Khan", which is mutton (lamb meat) that you grill yourself. He took us to a great little place that was packed and very traditional. We all were packed into a small room where everyone sat very close and everyone was grilling their lamb. We had a great time. Yuichi also made sure to help us with any translations showed us how to prepare everything. Next, I asked him to take us to a bar that the locals go to. He took us to an awesome local bar. It was a nostalgic type bar that had the atmosphere of 40 years ago. The staff were full of energy and excitement. They had many different types of bar food and cheap beers/sake. The place was packed with local Japanese. It was a great time. While we were walking around Yuichi would also point out places of interest for us to see during the day time. He also would point out restaurants that he recommended for having the best of their specialty, ie: best ramen shop, best yakitori shop, etc. Yuichi was a great guide for our first night in Sapporo. I would definitely recommend him for anyone wanting to go out for an evening/night time trip. Thank you Yuichi for a great time.


Hi Sam-san Thank you very much and I am honored that you gave me a great review. I hope we meet again and go go for a drink in Japan or USA. Best regards Yuichi

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