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Two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima

(58) 口コミ
by Michiru
Visiting World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima. The Atomic Bomb Dome or the Hiroshima Peace Memorial is in the city center. Itsukushima or Miyajima is one of ...
8h ¥‎ 35,648 8人まで people

Half Day in Miyajima

(27) 口コミ
by Azusa
Meet at JR Hiroshima Station or your hotel → JR MIyajimaguchi Station → Miyajimaguchi Ferry Port → Miyajima Island  → Isukushima Shrine → Daisho-in Temple...
5h ¥‎ 10,185 8人まで people



(27) 口コミ
Hello, my name is Azusa Arita. I'm a licensed tour guide in English. I think there is no big difference between what Japan is today and what you see about ...
¥‎ 4,074 ー時間あたり料金


(69) 口コミ
Hi, I'm MAYUMI IIDA from Hiroshima. I am here to welcome you as your Japanese friend to help you understand Japanese culture, history and everything yo...
¥‎ 5,093 ー時間あたり料金


(28) 口コミ
Hi! My name is Keiko. I am a nationally licensed tour guide who loves meeting people from different countries and cultures. I was born in Hiroshima and hav...
¥‎ 5,093 ー時間あたり料金


(58) 口コミ
Hi. I'm Michi. I’m a national certificated tour guide in English. I would like to introduce many faces and charms of Japan and make your stay in Japan mor...
¥‎ 5,093 ー時間あたり料金


(34) 口コミ
Hi everyone. I'm Kazumi. I am a qualified tour guide.I have been guiding Hiroshima since 2010. Through guiding Hiroshima, I can give my guests my knowled...
¥‎ 3,667 ー時間あたり料金


(48) 口コミ
I am Kashima. I have gained the Government Licensed Tour Guide authorization in 2017/2. At first I had worked for one of biggest Electric Company in the w...
¥‎ 4,000 ー時間あたり料金


(103) 口コミ
Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worke...
¥‎ 3,819 ー時間あたり料金


(12) 口コミ
Welcome to Japan. My name is Yuko. Please call me Yuko. I like cooking, traveling, and of course tour guiding.I'd like to show you exciting and authent...
¥‎ 3,056 ー時間あたり料金


Hiroshima sightseeing with a private chartered van and free ...

(103) 口コミ
You can plan to visit several places around Hiroshima within a limited time with our van. Our commuter can accommodate a group of up to 18 people and our s...
8h ¥‎ 91,667


Experiences of Japanese culture in Hiroshima

(27) 口コミ
by Azusa
You can come in touch with various Japanese cultures in Hiroshima such as tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, traditional incense- smelling ceremony and so...
4h ¥‎ 10,185 5人まで people