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Jayakumar Jayakumar United Kingdom ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Hiroshima and Miyajima ”

What do I say about Keiko.. She is a lovely person in addition to being an excellent tour guide. She told an immense amount of details and little nuggets without which our experience would have been grossly incomplete. The details of the Itsukushima shrine, the Buddha teample at the top of the hill, the Atom Bomb museum and the survivir stories.. It gave a very real and tangible feel to the visit. we not only asked her about the sites but also in general a variety things about Japan and Japanese culture that she answered with a smile. While she always had an eye on the watch she never once hurried us during the trip.. When we were at Miyajima we ran into one of the families for whom she had been a guide the previous day and the warmth and friendliness wit which the faily greeted her and she them shows that in a short time she manages to build a rapport with people. For people looking to get a complete experience of the places I would say, pls do get in touch with Keiko. You cannot go wrong.. Keiko... Thank you for everything and the little anecdotes and making this a great day for us...


Thank you very much Jayakumar, I feel very honored to have such a warm comment from you. As a local tour guide in Hiroshima, I'm happy that you were impressed by your visit to Hiroshima. Hiroshima is a very important place to think about the way to make a peaceful world. Let's make this sad experience a catalyst to make a better world and let peace bloom all over the world!

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