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Ron Ron United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Great fun xpence ”

Excellent guide.


Dear Ron san I really appreciate your kind review. Our tour was in the middle of 10 days holiday in Japan. All Japanese people were getting too excited. I truly felt the unexpected often happens in life. If I had let all of you go without entering the museum, it would have deserved seppuku. However fortunately we were able to see the exhibits there. This tour became an unforgettable memory for me. All the best Azusa Arita


Hiroshima Peace Park and Shukkeien Japanese style garden

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by Azusa
Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of Hiroshima, city of peace. It stands out in Hiroshima Peace Park which is now filled with lush greenery and various plant...
5 時間 ¥ 20,370 5人まで people

All day in Miyajima Island

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by Azusa
This tour covers all the attractive places to see in Miyajima island. We visit Itsukushima Shrine, Mt. Misen and Daishyoin Temple in one day. Mt. Misen is ...
8 時間 ¥ 23,426 5人まで people

Himeji Castle and Toy Museum

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by Azusa
We visit Himeji Castle and a roofed shopping arcade in Himeji. In the afternoon we move to Koro town by JR train to visit " Toy Museum." It takes about tw...
6 時間 ¥ 38,704 5人まで people

A small port town for Studio Ghibli's " Ponyo on the Cliff"

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by Azusa
The attractions of this nostalgic port town named " Tomonoura" are within distances from the bus stop and it's comfortable walking. You may be surprised ...
4 時間 ¥ 21,389 5人まで people

Half Day in Miyajima

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by Azusa
Meet at JR Hiroshima Station or your hotel → JR MIyajimaguchi Station → Miyajimaguchi Ferry Port → Miyajima Island  → Isukushima Shrine → Daisho-in Temple...
5 時間 ¥ 10,185 8人まで people