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Eric Eric United States ( Solo )
9 months ago

“ Hiroshima in Two Days ”

I booked her for two days - one day in Miyajima and the other around the city. Miyajima was a lot of fun, going hiking up Mt Misen and the sightseeing. It was 25, 000 steps you say? That's twice as much than Disneyland! But the view was breathtaking. And Hiroshima, the city. As an American, I wanted to come see the city through the eyes of the Japanese and it's history on the other side. And it's a shame that we couldn't enter in the Peace Memorial Museum because the line was 3 hours long, it was during Golden week so it was to be expected. Instead, she shown testimonials for some survivors moments after the explosion just around the corner from the musuem. Still, I got to see the dome and the exact spot where the atomic bomb exploded. It was, through a historical viewpoint, incredible. But it is sad that it happened. I had an amazing time with you Mitsuyo-san. I'm sad that it's time to go. I loved chatting with you. Take care. By the way, I got some kit cats that you recommended. It is the Momiji Manju flavor in a kit cat form. Try to imagine where I got it from (yeah... it's not hard to figure out)... Anyway, thanks for the memories. It was a pleasure.


Eric, Thank you for coming to Hiroshima. I guess google map did a good job after I left you this afternoon. Anyway, I am very pleased to walk Hiroshima with you and appreciate so much about the fact that you, such a young man has a deep interest in the history of this city during WWII. It is regrettable that you could not visit the museum. But I hope you can catch up with the all the information when you visit Peace Memorial Museum in Nagasaki. Today, 24000 steps, and yesterday 26000 steps. I wish your 50,000 steps have given you a good memory. Enjoy rest of your days in Japan! Thank you again for these two days. Mitsuyo

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