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Steve Steve United States ( Couple )
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1 month ago

“ Made the most of a difficult day ”

We were really looking forward to visiting the wisteria garden in Kitakyushu. Unfortunately, several conditions were conspiring against us. We were traveling on he cruise around Japan. The port before was in Korea, so we needed to go through Japanese immigration once again upon arrival. We were due to meet Hugh at 9 AM, but due to the inefficiency of Japanese immigration officials, we didn’t get off the boat until 11 AM. As a result, our plan the full day tour was quite hurried. The second Factor that militated against a site we had been long interested in seeing was the fact that cool weather in Japan meant that the wisteria had not really come into bloom yet. Hugh informed us that he had learned of the situation, but we decided to try anyway. Unfortunately, the wisteria tunnel was eventually a disappointment. Hugh was very patient and tried hard to make the day work, but in fact it was less successful than we had hoped.

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