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Barrie Barrie Australia ( Friends )
3 months ago

“ Hugh - An Amazaing Day in Hiroshima. ”

I can thoroughly recommend Hugh as your Tour Guide for Japan. He guided our group of 15 on our recent tour of Hiroshima and right from the start he made us feel both welcome and comfortable. Hugh met us at Hiroshima Station and then proceeded to guide us on what was a very compact tour (owing to our own time constraints) of Miyajima Shrine and Hiroshima City. It also included a lunchtime visit to the great Lopez Restaurant in Hiroshima for some fabulous Okonomiyaki. Hugh was more like a family member than a tour guide and we all thoroughly enjoyed our day. We were only sorry that we didn't have more time to spend with Hugh in Hiroshima. Thanks HUGH for a great day...*****


I think was a great pleasure sharing the day with you all. Thanks Barrie for such a glowing review! Best, Hugh

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