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Tereza Tereza Australia ( Friends )
3 months ago

“ Knows anything and everything Hiroshima ... and the whole of Japan! ”

Hugh is very knowledgeable in not just Hiroshima, but most places in Japan. So we were able to pick his brain and learnt more about Japan. He is extremely helpful and gave us a very insightful tour of Miyajima, took us to eat sushi, and drove us to Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni. He knew everything and was very informative throughout the day. Very, very good tour guide. We did feel a bit rushed towards the end of our tour and the drive home was very fast but I suppose we did start an hour later than his initial proposal. Still, he managed to take us to all the places he wanted to showcase. He even suggested dinner spots for us and we went to one and it was amazing and delicious - thank you Hugh!


Thanks so much for the glowing and qualified review! I hope I can be of service again in the future. Best regards, Hugh

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