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Eileen Eileen Singapore ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Thank you for giving us wonderful memories of Hiroshima! ”

Right from the very beginning when I contacted Keiko regarding the attractions I wanted to visit and the activities I wanted to see, Keiko patiently answered every question I had and offered valuable advice. When she brought us to the historical attractions such as the A-dome site, Kintaikyo Bridge and the Itsukushima Shrine, she always gave interestingly detailed information and made sure we had time to take lovely photos. Thank you so much for welcoming us warmly to Hiroshima and letting us feel at home, away from home! We really enjoyed these 4 days with you :D Eileen Singapore


Hi Eileen, Thank you for your message! I really enjoyed those 4 days with you, too. You two are charming and fun people to attend and I enjoyed our conversation, taking lots of pictures and learning how to take lovely pictures. Thank you again and I hope we will stay in touch!!

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Highlights of Hiroshima Private Full Day Walking Tour

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Visit Atomic bomb dome and try Hiroshima's local specialty on Miyajima Shrine island. First, we take a local train and ferry to Miyajima island and have l...
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Atomic Bomb Dome and Museum Private Walking Tour

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