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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum – An invaluable historic museum that continues to convey the horrors of the atomic bomb
Hiroshima Castle.
Restored splendidly, Hiroshima Castle is a resurrected National Treasure
A National Place of Scenic Beauty. A garden that is rich in variation, it is a famous area that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Mitaki-dera Temple.
The temple of more than 300 serenely standing stone Buddha statues is located close to downtown Hiroshima
Hiroshima Gogoku Shrine .
Located on the grounds of Hiroshima Castle, it is the Chugoku district’s foremost shrine which has also been visited by the local professional baseball team
Kamiyacho and Hatchobori.
A major center in Hiroshima which is a shopping area that brings together everything from a commercial district to department stores
Itsukushima (Miyajima).
One of the Three Views of Japan, it is a World Heritage island that has been worshipped as a sacred island since ancient times
Sensuijima Island.
A power spot in Setonaikai National Park, the first park to be so designated as a national park in Japan
Senko-ji Temple (Senko-ji Park) .
One of the many tourist spots in Onomichi that has made a number of the Top 100 lists in Japan
Kure Maritime Museum(Yamato Museum).
The many actual displays including the 1/10th scale model of the battleship Yamato pray for peace
Sandan-kyo Valley.
A nationally-recognized Special Place of Scenic Beauty, the 13km canyon is one of western Japan’s unexplored regions
Mt. Haigamine.
The view that resembles jewels twinkling everywhere has been selected as one of the top 3 great nightscapes in the Chugoku/Shikoku region
JMSDF Kure Museum(Tetsu no Kujira).
A first in Japan! A historical museum displaying an actual giant submarine
Preserved District of Takehara .
Takehara, which is known as the Little Kyoto of Aki (former name of Hiroshima), is a town that has retained its share of history
Taishaku-kyo Gorge.
A secluded area within a quasi-national park which has a world-famous natural bridge

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