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Once-in-lifetime experience in Hakone

(28) 口コミ
Hakone is the beautiful national park within one hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, one of the busiest city in the world. Along the golden route, we'll mov...
8h ¥‎ 24,444 4人まで people

Private Hakone - one day trip from Tokyo

(37) 口コミ
by Kaori
Private day trip to Hakone only for you and your group, starting from Tokyo. Surrounded by great nature with Mt.Fuji view, museums and hot springs, Hakone ...
10h ¥‎ 36,000




(170) 口コミ
Hi, I’m your guide Mayumi. As I have long experience in teaching Japanese history and Japanese as well as English at a cram school, I'm sure I can help you...
¥‎ 4,583 ー時間あたり料金


(246) 口コミ
I've got the national license of a tour guide in English in 2013. Since then I had attended a volunteer group which provided a tour of the Imperial Palace...
¥‎ 3,500 ー時間あたり料金


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Kon-ni-chi-wa. Hello! I'm Kaori, having lived in Tokyo for 20 years since I got married with a photographer. I'm originally from Shizuoka prefecture which...
¥‎ 3,600 ー時間あたり料金


(26) 口コミ
My name is Hiroshi Yasuo, but Hiro is much easier to call me. I used to live abroad total 8 years and visited about 30 countries for business and pleasur...
¥‎ 4,074 ー時間あたり料金


(7) 口コミ
Hello, I'm Hiroshi. I am a National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter in English. I have got a master's degree of Computer Science at the Univers...
¥‎ 3,600 ー時間あたり料金


(28) 口コミ
I started tour guide for guests in 2016. My expertise is in Hakone and would be happy to extend tours to Kamakura, Mt.Fuji and Tokyo area. Motivation for m...
¥‎ 3,056 ー時間あたり料金


(82) 口コミ
Welcome to Japan!! (English version: standard tours start with 0..) ¡Bienvenidos a Japón! (Versión en español: recorridos estándar empieza con 1..) Bem v...
¥‎ 4,400 ー時間あたり料金


(74) 口コミ
I am Makiko. I was born in Tokyo and I've lived here my whole life. I therefore know a lot about Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Tokyo has various kinds o...
¥‎ 4,278 ー時間あたり料金


Hakone sightseeing with a private chartered van and free wif...

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You can plan to visit several places around Hakone within a limited time with our van. Our commuter can accommodate a group of up to 18 people and our serv...
9h ¥‎ 86,574


Hakone Private Day Tour

Travel out of Tokyo to Hakone district on a luxury train to the mixture of tradition and modern Japan!!!
11h ¥‎ 44,817