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Best Memories of Hakone

Best Memories of Hakone

(170) 口コミ

Hakone is very popular place for one day trip from Tokyo. We will take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara and a mountain train, a ropeway and cruise Lake Ashi by the Pirate ship to enjoy its various... read more

by Yuki
10h ¥‎ 33,000 5人まで people

One day trip to Hakone

(30) 口コミ

You can enjoy one day trip to Hakone by using Hakone oneday pass and Romance car. Hakone is one of the closest hot spring spot from Tokyo and also has beautiful nature and culture. You can visit man... read more

by Kyoko
12h ¥‎ 36,000 8人まで people

Hakone Dynamic Tour

(14) 口コミ

Hakone National Park is a district of mountains, spas, and thermal activity. Hakone exists within the crater of extinct volcanos. So, you can enjoy dynamic views of still active volcanos. Hakone also ... read more

by Kuniko
10h ¥‎ 25,000 6人まで people

Hakone full enjoyment tour of fantastic scenic, historical and culture spots (Case1)

(18) 口コミ

This tour include several essential sights such as scenic & historical spots, traditional and modern culture spots, exciting riding experience and healing spot. You will be impressed with the magnifi... read more

10h ¥‎ 35,000 8人まで people

Hakone full enjoyment tour of fantastic scenic, historical and culture spots (Case2)

(18) 口コミ

This Hakone tour is suitable for the tourists from various world wide countries who visit Hakone for the first time. I will help you to make exciting experiences which include the unbiased true storie... read more

10h ¥‎ 35,000 8人まで people
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Mt Fuji and Hakone 1-Day Bus Tour by Bus

Mt Fuji and Hakone 1-Day Bus Tour by Bus

Discover Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and listed as the World Heritage in 2013, This tour will also take you to Hakone which is famous for its natural beauty and having such a breathtaking ... read more

by JPT
9h ¥‎ 14,000 per person

Have a pleasant day at Hakone--dynamic nature, history, fine art and more!

(7) 口コミ

Hakone is a volcanic mountain and onsen hot spring resort about 1 hour from Tokyo, en route to Kyoto. It is efficient to travel around the Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine, volcanic fumarole, museums and his... read more

by Fumie
7h ¥‎ 28,000 8人まで people

Go Around Hakone - One Day Customized Tour -

(27) 口コミ

Hakone is a popular destination for a day trip from Tokyo, located 60 miles or 100 kilometers southwest of the megalopolis. The beauties of nature – forested steep mountains, gorges, volcanic activiti... read more

by Aki
9h ¥‎ 33,500 4人まで people

Hakone,,, Customized Tour, Lake Ashi, Pirate boat, Air Gondola, Museum, etc.

(31) 口コミ

Enjoy Hakone in a customized way, read more

by Yuji
8h ¥‎ 32,800

Hakone & Odawara Castle Your Way

(35) 口コミ

Odawara is the gateway to Hakone. Marvel at the treasures of Odawara Castle and its Samurai Museum! Would you like a majestic view Mount Fuji? There are a lot of ways we can do this: = At the Mt. F... read more

6h ¥‎ 20,000 6人まで people

Hakone, Open Air Museum, Volcanic Valley, Lake Ashi Cruising

(31) 口コミ

The Hakone area was designated as a National Park in 1938, and now lies as one of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which was designated in 1950. The Hakone area lies within the Fuji volcanic chain. ... read more

by Akira.S
8:30h ¥‎ 31,750 4人まで people

A Private Day Tour to Hakone by Public Transportation (Private van/minibus tour is available)

(38) 口コミ

A day tour from Tokyo or Yokohama to Hakone, one of the most popular spots near Tokyo, by public transportations. The tour will visit Owakudani, Lake Ashi, Hakone Sekisho Ato, and Hakone Jinja Shrine... read more

by Nobu
10h ¥‎ 44,000 4人まで people

Hakone One Day Tour by Bullet Train and optional Hot Spring Experience

(5) 口コミ

Hakone is an ideal destination to enjoy beautiful Japanese nature, thrilling real volcanic activity, Japanese history/culture and hot-spring (Onsen). Taking various means of transportation such as Bu... read more

by Shizuko
8:30h ¥‎ 29,000 5人まで people

Hakone Day Trip by Public Transportation

(3) 口コミ

This is a typical day trip in Hakone by public transportation. Some sightseeing sites in Hakone near Tokyo will please you fully. You can enjoy a ship designed like a Viking one on a lake and then r... read more

8h ¥‎ 24,000 6人まで people

True Hakone Tour enjoying 3 popular spots

(2) 口コミ

Hakone is one of the representing tourist's destinations in Japan. It's blessed with natural beauty, such as volcanos, lakes, and hot springs. In this tour, you can enjoy three popular spots in Hakon... read more

by Toru
11h ¥‎ 23,000
Onsen (hot spring bath) experience in Hakone

Onsen (hot spring bath) experience in Hakone

(5) 口コミ

Try a real Onsen in quiet Hakone! As Onsen is not the place for cleaning but the place for relaxation, you should know some etiquette before you bathe in, but it's really worth experiencing it. We'... read more

by Ai
5h ¥‎ 19,900 2人まで people

Exciting Hakone - One Day Tour from Tokyo

(8) 口コミ

Hakone is one of the best sightseeing spots with twenty five thousand tons of hot spring water and 20 kinds of hot springs. Take a Shinkansen (a bullet train) from Tokyo. After that, a mountain trai... read more

by Hideaki
10h ¥‎ 30,000 5人まで people
 Hakone (Owakudani, Boat Cruise on Lake Ashi, Hakone Checkpoint)

Hakone (Owakudani, Boat Cruise on Lake Ashi, Hakone Checkpoint)

(1) 口コミ

Pick up at your hotel in Tokyo ・Go to Shinjuku Station by public transportation ・Go to Hakone by Odakyu Express "Romance Car" ・Visit Owakudani ・Lunch at Owakudani ・Cruise on Lake Ashi ・Visit Hak... read more

9:30h ¥‎ 23,750 5人まで people
Hakone One-day Tour with Private Guide

Hakone One-day Tour with Private Guide

Make yourself immerge in the beauties of nature in Hakone. From Tokyo, you take a luxury train to Hakone. You will visit the Owakudani Valley and Lake Ashi with various rides such as switch-back mount... read more

by Shinji
9h ¥‎ 26,500 4人まで people

Tramping the Old Hakone Path of Cobblestones

(1) 口コミ

Bus ride up the soaring Hakone mountains at the foot of Mt. Fuji, a hot sweet drink at a traditional tea house, walk on a historic stone-paved Hakone path, lunch at Motohakone, sail on a pirate boat, ... read more

by Takao
10h ¥‎ 25,000 5人まで people
Explore Hakone with rich nature and history

Explore Hakone with rich nature and history

Hakone is filled with rich nature and history. Seeking for comfort and healing, more than 20 million tourists visit Hakone every year from home and abroad. As an experienced local English speaking t... read more

by Hiro
7h ¥‎ 25,000 5人まで people

Hakone Highlight

(21) 口コミ

Hakone is a part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than one hundred kilometers from Tokyo. This tour covers the highlights of Hakone. You will enjoy its natural beauties, spectacular views of... read more

by Tomoko
10h ¥‎ 39,000 5人まで people

One day trip to Hakone taking kinds of public transportation

(1) 口コミ

Hakone is a good place to see Mt. Fuji, historical assets, beautiful nature, dynamic volcano scenes, to take hot spring bath and to enjoy kinds of transportation systems. Although Hakone has a lot of ... read more

by Junichi
7h ¥‎ 25,000

Hakone Unforgettable One-Day Tour

(102) 口コミ

This is a Hakone One-Day Tour. I will show you around Hakone by using " Hakone Freepass ". This pass makes it convenient to go around Hakone. With this pass you can freely get on and off the Hakone To... read more

by Dai
10h ¥‎ 36,000 6人まで people

Private Hakone & Mt Fuji View Tour

(54) 口コミ

Hakone is the fantastic tour spot covering panoramic view of various mountains including Mt Fuji, beautiful Lake Ashi, fantastic ropeway and cable car and historic remains such as the old Hakone Chec... read more

1 日 ¥‎ 39,000 4人まで people
Once-in-lifetime experience in Hakone

Once-in-lifetime experience in Hakone

(17) 口コミ

Hakone is the beautiful national park within one hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, one of the busiest city in the world. Along the golden route, we'll move with our pace enjoying views of Mt.Fuji and... read more

8h ¥‎ 24,000 4人まで people

One day - Private Tour based on your requests in Hakone

(108) 口コミ

Hakone, its beautiful scenery, nature, hot-springs, and various railways will satisfy your curiosity. Highlights of Hakone are Owakudani Valley where some activities of dynamic volcano can be seen and... read more

9:30h ¥‎ 28,000

Kahoko's Excursion from Tokyo to Hakone

(140) 口コミ

Hakone is one of the most popular and long-established resort in kanto region with its rich nature and hot springs . It's only 90 minutes from central Tokyo and has lots of attractions such as vario... read more

9h ¥‎ 32,000 5人まで people

Hakone: The wonderful world

(10) 口コミ

Hakone attract many people because of great view of Mt. Fuji, volcanic activity in front of you, various transportation, hot spring, historical site and etc. If you want to enjoy everything, you need ... read more

by Hiroshi
8h ¥‎ 30,000 4人まで people
Hakone One-day Highlight Tour

Hakone One-day Highlight Tour

(54) 口コミ

Hakone is one of the most popular destination from Tokyo with rich nature, hot spring, historical spots and interesting museums. read more

by Makiko
8h ¥‎ 38,000 4人まで people

Private Tour in Hakone

Chat with a local tour guide who will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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