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$ 33
per group

Best Memories of Hakone

(48) Reviews

  • 1.Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara which...
  • 2. Mountain train from Hakone Yumoto wit...
  • 3A. Gora park with European garden and a...
  • 3B. Hakone Open Air Museum with many uni...
  • 4. Rope way with the view of the volcan...
  • 5A.Cruising Lake Ashi with a Pirate ship...
  • 5B. Crusing Lake Ashi with a two body mo...
  • 6. Narukawa Art Museum with good view of...
  • 7. Old Tokaido road walking (Optional, n...
  • 8. Public Hot bath at Hakone Yumoto (Op...
by Yuki
$ 180
per group ( up to 5 )

1-day Mt.Fuji Bus Tour

(7) Reviews

  • Multilingual Audio Guide is available.
  • Specialized for Mt. Fuji areas. You won’...
  • You can go back to Tokyo early evening.
  • Free WIFI service available on the bus.
by JPT
$ 126
per person

Go Around Hakone – Follow the Golden Route in the mountains

(6) Reviews

  • Breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, dependin...
  • Cruise on Lake Ashi surrounded by steep ...
  • Enjoy the views during a ride on a ropew...
  • Feel volcanic power at Owakudani, or Gre...
  • Ride on the Mountain Railway and see the...
  • Soak in an excellent onsen, hot-spring b...
  • Please refer to What to Expect for more ...
by Aki
$ 302
per group ( up to 4 )

Hakone full day tour by private guide

(3) Reviews

  • Mountain rail ride: The train goes throu...
  • The scenery from the rope way with the f...
  • Lake Ashi boat cruise
  • Walking through Sekisho(the old travel p...
  • Hakone wood work(Government approved han...
by Akira.K
$ 446
per group ( up to 8 )

Breathtaking View of Mt. Fuji, Hot Springs & the Great Nature of ...

(5) Reviews

  • Owakudani, Lake Ashi, Hakone Check Point...
  • Great nature in Hakone & beautiful view...
by Mayumi
$ 270
per group ( up to 8 )

One day trip to Hakone taking kinds of public transportations for...

  • Start: I'll pick you up at your hotel. Y...
  • To get to Hakoneyumoto : Hakoneyumoto is...
  • Change to bus : The bus goes along the a...
  • Option No.1 : We stop over from the bus ...
  • Lunch : Moto-hakone-ko is the terminal o...
  • Option No.2 : Walking the avenue of ceda...
  • Sightseeing cruise : It's a good timing ...
  • Hakone Ropeway : We ride the ropeway to ...
  • Owakudani : You can feel the active volc...
  • Hakone Ropeway : We ride the ropeway aga...
  • Transfer to Cable car : To Gora.
  • Transfer to mountain train : This is the...
  • At Hakoneyumoto Station : Change to ordi...
  • Option No.3 : Seeing Odawara Castle. It'...
  • Back to Tokyo : Bullet train or Romance-...
by Junichi
$ 225
per group ( up to 2 )

Premier Hakone Trip by Sightseeing Taxi

(1) Reviews

  • Hakone ropeway to Owakudani valley
  • Mikuni pass to see gorgeous Mt. Fuji (if...
  • Motohakone lakeside
  • Hakone shrine
  • Amazake-chaya (Traditional Japanese tea ...
by Ai
$ 130
per group ( up to 6 )

Hakone: The wonderful world

  • Hakone shrine
  • Lake Ashi and pirate ship cruising
  • Rope-way (excursion in the air)
  • Owakudani - seeing volcanic activity and...
  • Open air museum if we have time
by Hiro
$ 225
per group ( up to 5 )

Attractive Trip package of HAKONE

  • Ride Odakyu RomanceCar Express and see b...
  • Visit Hakone Open-Air Museum including P...
  • See Great boiling Volley called Ohwakuda...
  • Ride Pirates Ship Cruise on Ashinoko lak...
  • See or buy or experience Hakone Yosegi Z...
1 day
$ 108
per person

Lake Kawaguchi Field Day Tour with Mt. Fuji Landscape

(1) Reviews

  • Pick up at hotel in the central Tokyo
  • Take a Highway Bus at Shinjuku Station
  • Lake Sai Bat Cave and Aokigahara Forest
  • Iyashinosato Village
  • Retro Bus
  • Kubota Itchiku Art Museum
  • Retro Bus / Highway Bus
  • Shinjuku Station
by TJtours
$ 588
per group ( up to 4 )

Hakone Private Day Tour

(1) Reviews

  • Pick up at hotel in the central Tokyo
  • Take a Odakyu Romancecar Train at Shinju...
  • Take a bus at Hakone-yumoto
  • Narukawa Museum
  • Onshi-Hakone Park Walking
  • Hakone Sightseeing Cruise and Ropeway
  • Owakudani Valley
  • Ropeway, Cable Car and Tozan Train
  • Hakone Yumoto
  • Odakyu Romancecar Train
  • Shinjuku Station
by TJtours
$ 396
per group ( up to 4 )

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