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Azhari Azhari Malaysia ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Stressed free visits around Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura and Enoshima Island ”

Toshihiro-san or uncle Toshi is like family bringing you around Tokyo. Not so formal but more like a friend. Great communication up to the travelling day and he answered a lot of questions from me. My family and I have some requirements due to our travelling pack but Toshi-san accomodate us completely. Hakone have beautiful mountains and excellent My Fuji view, Kamakura have beautiful shrines, Enoshima island have great view and night light show, and Tokyo was a blast. Toshi-san shared a lot of Japanese histories as we walk around the path. We had great farewell dinner eating Wagyu at Gyumon in Shibuya for our parting. I will separate my review for others convinience below; 1) Family with children with stroller/Pram Toshi-san helped us navigate the maze of Tokyo by helping to search for elevators or at least escalators so we can easily bring our stroller around. Please take note at some older station a little bit of stairs is unavoidable. Also best to go around Tokyo on weekend as on weekdays it is very packed so bringing strollers might slow you down by a lot. This might effect scheduling but Toshi-san will ensure that you have a good time. 2) Muslim travellers with Halal requirement Toshi-san helped us to find excellent Halal restaurant and praying area in all three days we are with him. We are his first muslim client so we learn together. In Hakone there is no Halal restaurant but you can buy bread at the bottom in the delicious Hakone bakery and pack for lunch as well. We have no trouble in Kamakura and Tokyo for great food. Toshi-san will definitely won't let you go around hungry. In conclusion, I am glad I booked Toshi-san for 3 days as it greatly calm down hectic Tokyo for first timer like us. The first day we arrived we were clueless but after being with Toshi for 3 days, we can safely say we can navigate around Tokyo with much more confidence even when we bring around stroller and baby luggage. Our family is grateful for having Toshi-san as our guide and hope to meet again in the future.


Dear Azhari-san, Thank you for the detailed tour review, and calling me uncle Toshi. It was amazing three days for me to guide your family. Sometimes I made mistakes during the tour especially directions to go with stroller, but you generously assisted me many times. You gave me a lot of information like where you would like to visit and what you would like to do clearly. I could make preparation well. But we needed to change original itinerary because my estimation of spending time on each spot was not right. In spite of such situation, you seemed to enjoy the tour as if something unexpected is pleasure of travel. Thank you very much. I visited your country Malaysia once about ten years ago. It was interesting time to compare your tropical resort island Langkawi with Enoshima. It was my happy moment to talk about the difference about culture and social life style between Malaysia and Japan. As you said, you are my first muslim clients. It was precious experience for me to understand importance of Halal food and daily prayer. I must appreciate your patience for my poor knowledge on these. I am relieved that you could do normal services. I couldn't achieve one your request of watching snow during this tour. I hope that your family will come to Japan again in several years and enjoy snow. Then I would like to see the growth of your daughter. Best regards, Toshihiro

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