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Food & Drinks

You can choose your lunch or dinner according to your tastes, or ask the guides for recommendations on the meals and drinks in Japan.


Our guides can help you buy what you want in Japan, taking you to famous clothes, electronics, and souvenir shops.


If you want to try wear a kimono, see a Sumo fight, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, etc., our guides can prepare activities for you.


You can coordinate the meeting point with your guide, whether it’s at the lobby of your hotel or somewhere in the city. And you can also choose where you end the tour.


Where do you want to go? Which places do you want to visit? Our guides will propose an optimal itinerary for you and the people you are traveling with.


Our guides can answer any questions you may have about your trip to Japan. Whether it’s about transportation, visas, prices, or the weather, don’t hesitate to ask them!

Customer Reviews for Hakone Tours

    Roy ( United States )

    We booked a tour with Junichiro Kochi on Wed (10/5/17), that included my wife, my daughter, son-in-law, and my two grandsons (ages 13 and 17). totaling 6 persons. Kochi-san was very personable and informative, and his tour was very enjoyable. He explanation of the sites were very thorough and he also entertained us with quizes during our train rides. My whole family enjoyed his tour very much - thank you Kochi-san. Roy Tamashiro view more

    David ( United States )

    He was very nice and easy going, knowlefsble and very well prepared and kept us on our itinerary. We enjoyed him and the excursion very much. view more

    Zoe ( United States )

    Kochi was amazing. He showed us all the sites and made the tour fun by having trivia questions. He tried to make it as fun as possible since it was so cloudy we could not see Mount Fuji. I would definitely recommend him for any tour. Thank you!!! view more

    Kate ( Canada )

    Yuki was our guide for Hakone (departing from Tokyo by Shinkansan). About half way through the tour we had stormy weather that resulted in the "ropeway" being cancelled. Thank goodness Yuki was there to figure out how to continue on our journey to Lake Ashi by local bus. This would have been very tricky without a knowledgeable guide. We stayed overnight in Hakone while Yuki headed back to the Tokyo area. He made sure that we had instructions on how to proceed to Kyoto on our own the next mo... view more

    Carol ( United States )

    We had a very nice visit to the Odawara/Hakone area made much better with Mori-san (Hideki) as our guide. Quite simply, he is everything you would want - knowledgeable, totally helpful, friendly, energetic and flexible. We like that he will take you off the beaten path, if desired. And . . . his English is excellent, so that we could ask any type of questions of him. view more

    Val ( United States )

    Thank you so much Yuki for best guide ever view more

    Renee ( United States )

    Mayumi-san was a wonderful guide and her English was very impressive. She made all 8 of us feel comfortable and got along great with all members of the group. We really appreciated her knowledge and guidance throughout the day. view more

    Helen ( Philippines )

    He is smart and patient. He was super helpful especially when we needed to retrieve our bags left at the Shinkansen train. He is honest. What should I expect on our trip was been discussed in our emails. Specifically, the value of our Hakone trip with Yuki-san is cheaper than other tourist guide. view more

    Ruth ( United States )

    Yuki met us in Tokyo and traveled with us to Hakone. While Sunday is an extremely busy day for Hakone Yuki strategically found a way to avoid standing in lines by timing where we went at optimum times. He was informative answering our questions about Japanese culture and society. We returned rather late in the day and Yuki was extremely generous with his time spending around 10 hours with us. He even offered to take us back to our hotel on the train, although we told him it was not necessary. ... view more

    Dan ( Japan )

    We wanted a day trip to Hakone and wanted to see great views of Mt Fuji. Aki built an itinerary for us that was flexed to our needs and desires. Aki is very knowledgeable and a true gentleman. We learned a lot and enjoyed his company over the course of the day with him. When back, we will definitely look to use Aki again. view more