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Welcome to Japan! My name is Yuki Yoshimoto. I was born in Tokyo and raised up in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Now I live in Tokyo, near Jiyugaoka where many cafes and shops are located. From my youth, I have been enjoying friendship with people from other countries. I really want visitors to enjoy ... read more

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NOBUYUKI Private Guide


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Hello, My name is Nobuyuki Usami (call me Sammy), a national licensed guide in English. I was born and grew up in Ichinomiya, seashore of Chiba, the famous place for surfing and real rural area near Tokyo. I really like traveling and have visited so many places not only in Japan also in foreign c... read more

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Kunio Private Guide


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I usually play tennis with my friends every weekend and am tough enough to take you around everywhere you would like to visit in Tokyo area. I've studied at the university and worked for the company located in Tokyo total over 40 years, and so I know main popular sightseeing spots and fantastic sp... read more

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KASHIMA Private Guide


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I am Hideo Kashima. I have gained the Government Licensed Tour Guide authorization in 2017/2. At first I had worked for one of biggest Electric Company in the world which manufacture various type of Electrical products including information technology, heavy Electrical products such as train & Elev... read more

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MINAKO Private Guide


Hi! This is Minako. I’d like to walk with you in Japan. I’m a licensed English guide and English teacher at the private girls’ high school. I usually teach at school 3 days a week, but as you know, teachers have longer vacation! Now I’m in the spring vacation, so you can find me easily. Japa... read more

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Two of my three children have a job and a family abroad. I know they are happy with help of the local people's considerarion. It's owing to the peace of the world they are living in. The peaceful world is important, so I decided to be a guide-interpreter to give a hand to the foreign-visitors i... read more

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Max Private Guide


My name is Max. I am pretty much a versatile tour guide. Especially, so called, experience tours such as mountain trekking, climbing, running and jogging. Also I know very well about Akihabara, I call this tour as "Otaku(Geek) Tour". The subjects of interest range from Computers(custom-made), elect... read more

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YOSEI Private Guide


My name is YOSEI TOM FUJIE, please call me just TOM. I have 11 years experiences in foregin countries such as US and European countries. Those are my great memories and now it is my turn to suport all visitors from any contries of all of the world. Don't hesitate to contact me. read more

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Masaharu Private Guide


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Hello, My name is Masaharu. I am the National Licenced Tour Guide and Interpreter in English. I used to stay in London, UK for 14 years on business. This valuable experience gave me great passion for talking to many people with entirely different culture and historical background. Therefore, it ... read more

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Taiji Private Guide


Bonjour je m’appelle Taiji Endo. Je suis un guide interprète licencié par l’état japonais. Je me présente un peu. Avant mon retour au Japon pour passer à la fac, j’avais vécu 16 ans à Paris. C’est-à-dire que j’ai passé une grande partie de mon adolescence en France. Je vis au Japon depuis et cel... read more

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Hi! Konnichiwa ( Nice to meet you ) I'm Yoshie. Please call me Yoshi like the green dinosaur of Super Mario if you know him! I am a National Certificated English-speaking tour guide. Before I became a tour guide, I was living in Osaka and worked as an English teacher for kids from 5 to 14 for 6 ... read more

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MASA Private Guide


Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen ! My name is MASA. Thank you for visiting my page. I'm looking forward to seeing you, and enjoying Japan together :) Although I prepare some plans, I can change the plan, or make another plan with your request. Please feel free to contact me ! Tha... read more

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Junichi Private Guide


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I'm a licensed English Speaking Tour Guide. I'd like to let you go on a walking tour in Tokyo or Tokyo's neighboring areas. Walking around Tokyo might add good memories to your trip. It's a private group tour in English which is provided by the licensed tour guide. read more

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Hi, I usually work as a limousine driver in Tokyo and just started my career as a tour guide as well. Since I have taken many guests and their tour guides for 8 years, I am quite experienced and ready for being your guide for sure. I can't wait for taking you so many must-see spots and explaing ... read more

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Yuji Private Guide


As an engineer of global-based air-conditioner manufacturing company, I traveled a lot to visit over twenty-two countries – Europe(France,Belgium,UK,Germany,Spain,Italy,Switzerland),Australia,China(Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou,HK,Hangzhou,Kunming),Latin America(Brazil,Argentina), South-eastern Asia (S... read more

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Yuuji Private Guide


Welcome to Japan! I'm good with Tokyo area, Mt.Fuji and other Kanto region. Also I love Japanese food including not only first classes but reasonable ones as well. Let me help you enjoy your stay in Japan! read more

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