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  • Tadashi Private Guide


    Hello everyone, it's Tad! I was born in Osaka and raised up in Kobe, and came back to Osaka for my university and work. I’ve lived in Australia for 2 years and became an officially licensed English guide of Kyoto city. I'm very passionate and happy to host international guests. 【Career Summary】 ... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 8 hours ago
  • Kazuhiro Private Guide


    Hi! I'm Kazuhiro. I had been a firefighter for over 30 years. I'd like to introduce northern Japan, especially Aomori prefecture which are blessed with natural beauty. read more

  • Yui Private Guide


    Konnichiwa! Hello! Hola! Nihao! Namaste! Anyoung Haseyo! Bonjour and Kuzu Zangpo La! My name is Yui, a Tokyo/Yokohama-based certified tour guide. Having been born and raised in the outskirts of Yokohama, I would call both the harbor city and the capital of Japan my neighborhood. What I love most ... read more

    US$ 29 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Saori Private Guide


    Hi! I’m Sara(It’s my English name, so call me Sara!), born and raised in Hakodate. I'm a guide who well-informed about Hakodate city! I have passed the test Hakodate Proficiency. Before I became a guide in Hakodate, I lived abroad for 6 years. (Singapore for 4 years, Philippine for 1 year, Hong K... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Tracy Private Guide


    Hello, I am Tazuko, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English. My first name is Tazuko that is hard to remember for visitors from abroad, so I would like to be called as Tracy (my middle name) . I lived abroad for 10 years including 9 years in the United States (California and... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Kazuharu Private Guide


    Hola y sea bienvenidos a Japón. Soy Kaneda y les invito a compartir con las mejores experiencias en Japón, en especial en Tokio y sus alrededores. Estoy seguro de que mi variedad de vida en los países latinos se podrá ayudar para profundizar su gusto e interés a la cultura y la vida del Japón. He... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
  • Nobuko Private Guide


    I am Nobuko, English licensed tour guide. I’ve traveled around many countries like Philippine, China, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, England and America. I usually hired the local guide there especially when I visited the countryside, as I wanted to visit not only city but al... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 9 hours ago
  • 洋水(Hiromi) Private Guide


    When I was in colleage in Tokyo, I had a chance to study abroad at a small town called Ann Arobor, Michigan for a year. After graduation from school in Tokyo, I worked with Canon Inc. for more than 35 years in marketing and R&D. During my tenure in office, I worked with the affilicated firms in Ca... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 16 hours ago
  • Shuichi Private Guide


    Hello, I’m Shuichi. Call me Shu. I was born in Kyoto and have worked in the city for nearly 30 years as engineer. With the aim of doing engineering presentation to the customers I have been to America, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Philippine, Sweden, Switzerland... read more

    US$ 22 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Mitsuaki Private Guide


    Hi Everyone, How are you? My name is Mitsuaki. Please call me MIKI. I am 66 years old. My hoby is a mountain trecking and a stream fishing. Why don't you enjoy travelling Tokyo and/or any other cities with me? I will be able to strongly support you while you are in Japan. As far as travel plans... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • Noriaki Private Guide


    I have been teaching economics and history in a university and senior high schools. I’ve been living in Tokyo for long time with my wife. My kids are already married and independent. My character is generous and open minded. I like watching sports and singing in karaoke with my friends. I'm not so... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • Michie Private Guide


    After retiring from 30 years of work as a secretary, I decided to be a tourist guide for the rest of my life. I will be your certified tourist guide in Kamakura. I had been in London as an Au Pair girl for 1 year, and also in Washington State, US to introduce the Japanese culture at elementary sc... read more

    US$ 15 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 10 hours ago
  • Hideaki Private Guide


    Hello, I'm a resident of Ebina, Kanagawa, and am a national government licensed guide and interpreter. I enjoy showing travelers the countryside of central Honshu, primarily Shizuoka, ranging from the beautiful Izu Peninsula, Shimoda, and the Port of Shimizu, to Kunozan Shrine and Ieyasu TOKUGAW... read more

    US$ 45 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 21 hours ago
  • Ryoko Private Guide


    Hello! I am a freelance tour guide and working around Yamagata City. My major plan includes Yamadera and Yamagata downtown city guide tour. So far not many though, individual tourists from overseas come and enjoy my tour plan. Please contact me and add your plan Yamagata. read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 20 hours ago
  • YOSHI Private Guide


    Hello, I am Yoshi. I was born in Kochi Prefecture, in Shikoku. Now, I live in Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture. I joined NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) and later NTT Docomo, INC. I worked for the company in sales for a total of over 40 years and lived in 4 Prefectures (Ehime, K... read more

    US$ 34 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • YOICHI Private Guide


    I'm an expert guide for SHOSENKYO, the most beatiful ravine in Japan. And I'm a veteran in a historical tour about SHINGEN TAKEDA gained fame as a brave warlord in the Warring State Period, such as TAKEDAJINJYA shrine, KAIZENKOJI temple, KOFUJYO castle and so on. Also KOSHU wines and LOCAL foods are... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Shigeru Private Guide


    Hello, my name is Shigeru. I was born and am living in Tokyo and lived in New York for 8 years and Osaka. When I was in the United States, I received a great amount of favor, so I think this is my turn to do a lot of favor to foreign tourists. If I could assist foreign visitors to enhance and develo... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Sachi Private Guide


    Hi, I’m Sachi a tour guide and a language teacher. I’m originally from Tokyo, but I’ve been living here in Kanazawa for 8 years. I’ve done a lot of tours in this city, and I’ve met some really fascinating people from all over the world. I enjoy making handicrafts. In Kanazawa, we have a lot of, love... read more

    US$ 27 Hourly rate
  • Lena Private Guide


    Hi, my name is Lena and I am in love with Japanese food. Since moving to Nagoya I have fallen in love with the local cuisine called Nagoya Meshi. It is very different from other foods in Japan and I want to share my love and knowledge about Nagoya's food with travelers from all over the world. M... read more

    US$ 98 Hourly rate
  • Chipa Private Guide


    I am a 29 years old Bilingual half Zambian and half Japanese Adventure Tour Guide, Photographer and Videographer that has been living in Japan for the past 10 years. With a total experience of 4 years in the Hospitality Industry, Tourism Industry in Japan and awarded as the 2019 Tour Guide of the ... read more

    US$ 45 Hourly rate
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hi, I am Kozo. Please call me Ko-Chan. I have worked for steel making company for approximately 40 years. I have a lot of experiences of overseas business trip to U.S.A, Australia,China,South East Asia,and stayed in Brazil from 2011 to 2013 for the purpose of starting new business with the partn... read more

    US$ 31 Hourly rate
  • Eizen Private Guide


    Hello! Bonjour! I am EIZEN, a English/French/Japanese Guide-Interpreter. Let me help you find out irrestible charms of Japan, a mysterious country where the old traditional style and top-notch technology coexist !! Aven moi, on va trouver des charmes irrésistibles du Japon, un pays mystérieux ... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • Nicholas Private Guide


    Hello, my name is Nick and I have been living in Japan since January 28, 2017. I am currently going to Japanese school to work on my Japanese language and I am also planning to give tours in Tokyo during my time away from school. I am 24 years old and have lived in New York for most of my life. read more

    US$ 9 Hourly rate
  • HATSUMI Private Guide


    I am a tour guide for a world heritage site of Kumano kodo . You can see beautiful mountain range and seasonal flowers, get the fresh air and hear bird twittering . Also I'd like to show you Japanese culture and history by walking on ancient pilgrimage roads and visiting Shinto shrines. The... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
  • Gulay Private Guide


    Konnichiwa! I am Gulay, I have been working as a professional guide since 2008, and have received my training at the Department of Tourism Guidance for 4 years. I moved to Spain for one year (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and worked as a volunteer and mentor in EVS organizations (European Voluntary ... read more

    US$ 29 Hourly rate
  • Seiko Private Guide


    Hello! I'm Seiko, national government licenced tour guide in English. Thank you for looking at my page ;) I was born and raised in Kyoto and now live in Tokyo. My tour is especially recommended for those who wants to: - Visit Harajuku, Omotesando, Shinjuku area - Experience a relaxing time t... read more

    US$ 32 Hourly rate
  • Teru Private Guide


    Hello. I've been serving more than four years as a guide in Tokyo. I'd be so happy if you could choose me as a friend of yours in Tokyo. Not limited to the downtown Tokyo, I am willing to take you to cities outside Tokyo, including Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Yokohama and Nikko. I will give you an example it... read more

    US$ 36 Hourly rate
  • Felix Private Guide


    Hi, I am Felix.. Indonesian nationality and living in Japan for almost 5 years. Travelling is my hobby.. I travelled almost all over the Japan. Beside travelling,I learn the history about the places that I went. I like winter sport like Ski / Snowboarding..(even I can't do it well..Lol) Oh ... read more

    US$ 18 Hourly rate
  • KATSUNORI Private Guide


    Hello, My name is Katsunori, a national licensed guide in English. Just call me “Fuji-san”, the same as Mt. Fuji-san. I worked and lived abroad more than 15 years mainly in the United States, Australia, Abu Dhabi, China and Malaysia. During those days, I communicated many local peoples and felt ... read more

    US$ 22 Hourly rate
  • Saki Private Guide


    Hi! Thank you for checking my profile, I'm Saki. If you are interested in discovering the Central Japan area, Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Nagano please leave it on me! I was born in Aichi prefecture where Nagoya is located in. It's a shame many tourists skip our Central area on their itinerary as it's not... read more

    US$ 33 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago

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