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Gaye Gaye Australia ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ half day tour in Gifu ”

We had a wonderful time with Akiko, who showed us around the highlights of Gifu. The Cormorant Museum was most interesting as we knew nothing about cormorant fishing, and being able to visit the home of a cormornat fisherman and see the cormornats was an added bonus. As well the cable car ride to Gifu castle and learning a little of the history added to a memorable day.


Hello Gaye san. Thank you for your kind and nice review. I appreciate your heartwarming atmosphere. We were very lucky that we were able to see the cormorant fisherman fix the basket for cormorants. I am happy to hear the visit was a nice experience to you. Thank you again for everything and choosing Gifu city as one of the destinations in Japan. Please have an enjoyable and safe trip.

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