Gifu Cultural Activities


Be a musician in Japan. Enjoy 3 Japanese traditional musical inst...

(1) Reviews

  • Musical instruments shop and training ro...
  • Festival Floats Museum (Matsuri no Mori)...
  • Japanese Karaoke Box (OPTIONAL)
by Junichi
$ 45
per person

Enjoy Japanese high-tech entertainment: GAME CENTER and KARAOKE ...

(1) Reviews

  • Game Center (SEGA) in Takayama
  • Karaoke Box in Takayama
by Junichi
$ 27
per person

Food Replica workshop and Traditional Dancing Experiences in Gujo...

(1) Reviews

  • Food replica workshop in Gujo-Hachiman t...
  • Gujo-Odori museum (Gujo Dance performanc...
  • Water stream pathway (Igawa pathway and/...
  • Gujo-Hachiman Castle (OPTIONAL)
by Junichi
$ 72
per person

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