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Let's go: Fukushima

"Let's go : fukushima” is a group which provides various tours for visitors from all over the world. We are designated as local guides in Fukushima. If you like to relax and experience slow life, Fukushima is really a suitable place to spend your h...

Hourly rate
$ 35.60
1 English ( Beginner ) ‎$ 34.11


The Only Local Tour Operator for FIT visitor in Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture JAPAN. Yo can find "GEEF:Fukushima Tourism Guide JAPAN " on world wide web. --- I am a scientist as Geologist. I can accept ordinary and specific tour in all ar...

Response time: 10 min
Hourly rate
$ 57.85
3 10 min English ( License ) ‎$ 65.91


Hi I am Nobuko. I have the National English Tour Guide Certificate. I was born in Aizu in Tohoku District , north-eastern region of Japan . I love Tohoku District for its traditional atomosphere , beautiful scenery, ...

Response time: 10 days
Hourly rate
$ 32.82
1 10 days ‎$ 32.82

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