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Hourly from:
$ 45
per group

Kita-Ibaraki and Iwaki customized tour

  • Rokkaku-do(Izura Institute of Art and Cu...
  • Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art,Ibaraki
  • Cape Izura Park,Kita-Ibaraki
  • Misaki Park,Onahama,Iwaki
  • Aquamarine Fukushima,Onahama
  • Iwaki La-La Mew,Onahama
by Go
$ 162
per group ( up to 4 )

Get a Taste of Samurai City

  • Tsurugajyo castle
  • Aizu Traditional Samurai Residences
  • Oyakuen, Japanese style garden
  • Sazae-Do, Buddhist temple
  • Japanese restaurant and sake breweries
  • Nanokamachi street
  • The Grave of the Byakkotai
  • Ouchijyuku old thatched roof post stati...
by Nobuko
$ 266
per group ( up to 6 )

Beautiful View of Koriyama landscape & Space Park Experience...

  • Over view of Koriyama basin (Big-I 22F)
  • Space Park's Attraction
  • Sphere Planetarium program
  • Big-AI shopping story
by Teruo
$ 171
per group ( up to 12 )

SWing-Un-Sen, Heart warms and Ordinary Local line

  • Swing_un_sen (Rail line)
  • Walking at Ishikawa town where was cente...
by Teruo
$ 297
per group ( up to 12 )

Water city Ko-oriyama, Frontier water road.

  • Impressive small Water divine.
  • Over view Koriyama (Big-I 22F)
  • Frontier street
  • Hayama park.
by Teruo
$ 234
per group ( up to 12 )

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