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I'm licensed English tour guide in Sendai, Miyagi. I like guiding travelers because I myself love traveling!! I want... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate
Noriko Private Guide


Hello!! I'm Noriko Kawai. Please call me Noriko. I like travelling abroad very much, so I went to Australia to study English after college. I worked for a foreign company after coming back to Japan. I often visited some overseas countries with my husband and my children. Then I found the guide ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate
Go Private Guide


Hello.My name is Go ,a national certified guide-interpreter. I live in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Iwaki, about 180 km northeast of Tokyo, is a seaside city blessed with the mild climate and the gateway to the Tohoku district. My favorite things are gardening and listening jazz and fusion. I ... read more

$ 31 Hourly rate
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Hi I am Nobuko. I have the National English Tour Guide Certificate. I was born in Aizu in Tohoku Distric... read more

$ 26 Hourly rate
Teruo Private Guide


The Only professional Local guide/field worker in Fukushima JAPAN. Yo can find "GEEF:Fukushima Tourism Guide.JAPAN " on world wide web.please search it by google or yahoo. Please read other condition detail and information in this web site. And talk over from it . --- I am a scientist as Geolo... read more

$ 58 Hourly rate
Last Active: 12 hours ago
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