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Visit Yanagawa, Enjoy Boat Tour

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Yanagawa is well-known for Japanese as a water city of Japan because so many waterways run through the city. It is told that the total length of the waterway’s network reaches about 470km and it gives this city very unique figure and characteristics which is quite different from other cities. Join... read more

7h $ 71 per person

Fukuoka One day City Tour

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In this tour, we will visit some famous sightseeing spots in the city by using subway, major transportation here. We will visit Kushida-Shrine and Tocho-ji Temple in the historical area of Fukuoka, where some temples and shrines are closely located. Also we will visit Ohori Park and Fukuoka Tower, w... read more

6h $ 71 per person

visiting Dazaifu two major spots

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Dazaifu is a very attractive place in Kyushu. We will visit two major spots…Dazaifu Shrine, and Kyushu National Museum. Dazaifu Shrine enshrines the god of learning and many Japanese visit here to pray for the luck of the education. You can't miss the Kyushu National Museum where you will learn ... read more

by Junko
5h $ 178 up to 4 people

Yanagawa Boat ride and Dazaifu Shrine tour

Yanagawa city is fifty-minute-local-train-ride away from Fukuoka city. It is a beautiful and peaceful castle town. The main attraction of this city is one-hour boat ride. The boat slowly goes through the moat and the boatman explains popular sightseeing spots. Dazaifu Shinto shrine is dedicated to S... read more

7h $ 258 up to 7 people

Cultural experience tour by your request

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Japan is blessed with so many unique cultures. This tour provides such courses which help you to understand traditional & present Japan. I will prepare 4 different options which satisfy your needs, so. please choose 2 or more options you would like to join from these options, OptionA, B, C and D an... read more

1 day $ 80 per person

Half Day tour of the eastern side of Fukuoka city

Fukuoka city was a twin town with its eastern area being merchants' town called Hakata and its western area being samurai warriors' town called Fukuoka. In this four-hour tour we visit several sightseeing spots located in Hakata area mainly on foot. read more

4h $ 142 up to 7 people

Dazaifu ancient city tour

Dazaifu city is located about 15km south of Fukuoka city. Dazaifu shrine attracts so many people, especially students every year, because it is dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, the God of Study. Komyo-ji temple is a Zen Buddhist temple built in 1273 and has two gardens, moss garden and dry stone gar... read more

4:30h $ 169 up to 7 people

Mt. Sarakura and Kokura castle by different types of vehicle

This tour is very exciting because you can command a great view of one-million city Kitakyushu from the top of Mt. Sarakura(622m) and visit Kokura castle using several different vehicles, that is, Shinkansen Bullet train, local train, cable car, and monorail. read more

7:30h $ 294 up to 7 people

Kokura Castle and Moji Retro Town by Shinkansen Bullet train

In this tour we visit two famous sightseeing areas in Kitakyushu city, Kokura area and Moji Retro town by using Shinkansen Bullet train and a local train. read more

7:30h $ 338 up to 7 people

Yusentei Japanese garden and Fukuoka castle ruins

Yusentei Japanese garden used to be a villa for Kurada feudal family until the mid-19th century, but now it is open for public. Fukuoka castle was built in the beginning of 17th century and had been the residence of the Lord Kurodas until the mid-19th century. read more

7h $ 196 up to 7 people

Half day tour in KOKURA,Kitakyushu

KOKURA, Kitakyushu city, use to be a castle town in Edo period(1603-1868). We visit beautiful KOKURA castle and Japanese garden on foot. Both places are decorated with beautiful cherry blossom in spring! read more

by Kao
5h $ 178 up to 4 people

Reclinig Budda at Nanzoin temple

The reclinig Budda at Nanzoin temple is the most biggest bronze statue in the world. We can go inside body of the statue(500yen)! There are so many statues except the reclinig Budda in the ground of temple. Nanzoin temple is surrounded by mountains and located in the rural area of Fukuoka. Wh... read more

by Kao
5h $ 178 up to 4 people

SUSHI PARADISE!! in Shimonoseki

Friday,Saturday and Sunday ONLY! Let's take a short trip from FUKUOKA to KARATO fish market in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture! KARATO fish market is full of vigor. You can choose your favorite sushi at reasonable price. After early SUSHI lunch, we will stroll around the fish market and vis... read more

by Kao
5h $ 178 up to 6 people

Moji-Shimonoseki Channel (KAN-MON KAIKYO) Vewing with Channel Walk

Will visit several viewing spots at Moji, Kitakyushu city and Shomonoseki to witness a beautiful channel view. A bridge over the channel is our beautiful icon. We have a tunnel with pedestrian walk so you can walk under the sea! Moji and Shimonoseki have nice cozy port with old shrines, commercial a... read more

5h $ 53 per person

In the Afternoon Trek to Panoramic Vantage Point; A secret grassfield (Moji, Fukuoka Pref.)

Will visit a very panoramic viewing spot at the north edge of Kyushu island. This is not known for foreign tourists at all, but just 30 minutes walk to a hill, about 360m altitude, amazing view with a comfortable wind. You will find yourself that it is really worth taking a walk. From the hill, you ... read more

4h $ 40 per person

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