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Dogo Hot Spa and Its Vicinty With A Haiku Poetry Eye & Mind

(1) Reviews

You can sense a peaceful but lively atmosphere of the Dogo Hot Spa. Your five senses needed for haiku appreciation will be sharpened. And people' dedication to Buddhism will be felt. read more

by Kaz
3h $ 108 up to 8 people

Matsuyama Castle (Course B) by Kaz

(1) Reviews

Matsuyama Castle is the best attractive sightseeing spot in Matsuyama. It is one of the only 12 castles in Japan retaining the structure built in the Edo period. Our visits are the main keep, the second keep, where the feudal lord residence were located , the third keep, where high ranking samurai u... read more

by Kaz
4h $ 144 up to 8 people

Uchiko Tour from Matsuyama by Kaz

(1) Reviews

Uchiko used to prosper thanks to the production of Japanese vegetable wax until the days of the Taisho period (1912-1926).The Yokaichi and Gokoku Quarter is now the Historic District Preservation Zone.On both sides of approx. 600 street, about 100 houses are traditional residences. Visitors to Uchi... read more

by Kaz
7:30h $ 333 up to 7 people

Matsuyama Castle (Course A) by Kaz

(1) Reviews

Matsuyama Castle is the best attractive sightseeing spot in Matsuyama. First,we will go up to the castle tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the city, Mt.Ishizuchi and the Seto Inland Sea. After coming back to the hill's foot, we will enjoy exploring the shops selling many attractive things. And ou... read more

by Kaz
4h $ 144 up to 8 people

From Matsuyama Tourist Port to Your Hotel by Kaz

(1) Reviews

Your travel purpose is enjoying exploring the city you visit, not being worried about how to reach your hotel.Time is money.You should reach your hotel as soon as possible,leave your luggage there, and start your sightseeing tour. read more

by Kaz
2h $ 81 up to 8 people

Tokyo Half Day Tour (4 Hours)

Get a taste of Tokyo with a 4 hours tour. Enjoy the best sites of Tokyo. This is an exclusive tour by our chartered vehicles. Using this service, you can charter your vehicle Limousine, Van, or Bus which is most suitable for your group and visit many attractive sightseeing spots. You don't have to ... read more

by CAB
4h $ 312 up to 3 people

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