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Best Memories of Hakone

(76) Reviews

Hakone is very popular for one day trip from Tokyo. There are nice parks and museums with scenic view. We will take a mountain railway, a rope way and cruise Lake Ashi by the Pirate ship. Hakone is famous for hot public baths, you can try one if you want. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the magnifi... read more

by Yuki
10h $ 267 up to 5 people

1-day Mt.Fuji Bus Tour

(7) Reviews

Discover the World Heritage listed Mt. Fuji. During your full-day tour by air-conditioned coach, you’ll have the chance to visit Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai and meet a ninja at the Oshino Ninja Village. The trips up to Mt Fuji’s 5th station at an elevation of 2,300 meters and the flight simulator... read more

by JPT
9h $ 125 per person

Mt. Fuji viewing tour from Lake Kawaguchi

(76) Reviews

One day tour to Lake Kawaguchi to see Mt. Fuji. We will use express trains from Tokyo to save your time and avoid traffic jam in a highway. Then take a tour taxi to Oshino hakkai and Arakurayama park to view Mt.Fuji. We will cruise the lake and climb Mt.Kachikachi by a ropeway. read more

by Yuki
12h $ 320 up to 5 people

A day trip to Mt. Fuji area with a private guide

(4) Reviews

Visit the world heritage site with its natural beauty and religious significance of the area. The guide will take you to those must see spots and off the beaten path spots. read more

by Akira.K
8h $ 441 up to 4 people

Go Around Hakone – Follow the Golden Route in the mountains

(14) Reviews

Hakone is a popular destination for a day trip from Tokyo, located 60 miles or 100 kilometers southwest of the megalopolis. The beauties of nature – forested steep mountains, gorges, volcanic activities and a crater lake - feature in Hakone. We'll go around Hakone, using various means of transporta... read more

by Aki
9h $ 296 up to 4 people

Once-in-lifetime experience in Hakone

(5) Reviews

Hakone is the beautiful national park within one hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, one of the busiest city in the world. Along the golden route, we'll move with our pace enjoying views of Mt.Fuji and seasonable scenes of the nature. Additionally we'll customize our tour based on your preference suc... read more

8h $ 142 up to 4 people

Day Tour to Mt. Fuji by a Private Van / Microbus (Muslim Friendly Tour Available)

(10) Reviews

A day tour to Mt. Fuji and its surroundings by a private van (up to 8 people) or a private microbus (up to 18 people) Possible to customize the itinerary If desired, we can stop for lunch at a HALAL-certified Indian restaurant and at a Muslim prayer space at Gotemba Premium Outlets. You can fully... read more

by Nobu
10h $ 401 up to 5 people

Blessings of Mt. Fuji(Shrine, Sake Brewery & Green tea field)

(8) Reviews

Mt. Fuji is well known across the world. It is the highest mountain in Japan and was designated as a World cultural heritage site in 2013. You can enjoy the mountain not only by climbing it, but by visiting places around the mountain. In this tour, we’ll visit Fujinomiya Sengen shrine where w... read more

by Hiroyo
6h $ 258 up to 8 people

Breathtaking View of Mt. Fuji, Hot Springs & the Great Nature of Hakone

(6) Reviews

Would you like to enjoy the beauty of nature, a short hike, art museums, Japanese history, and relaxing in a hot spring? Then Hakone is the right place for you! Hakone is located about 90 km southwest of Tokyo. Hakone was designated as a national park in 1938. Its scenic beauty owes much ... read more

by Mayumi
8h $ 267 up to 8 people

Hakone full day tour by private guide

(4) Reviews

Visit the international resort area in Hakone with it's enchanting nature and history by the private guide, to whom Hakone is his back yard. read more

by Akira.K
8h $ 441 up to 8 people

One day trip to Hakone

(7) Reviews

You can enjoy one day trip to Hakone by using Hakone free pass and Romance car. Hakone is one of the closest hot spring spot from Tokyo and also has beautiful nature and culture. You can visit many parks, museums , shrines , touring spots and watch Mt.Fuji. read more

by Kyoko
10h $ 249 up to 8 people

One day trip to Hakone taking kinds of public transportations for one to eight persons

(1) Reviews

Hakone is a good place to see Mt. Fuji, historical assets, beautiful nature, dynamic volcano scenes, to take hot spring bath and to enjoy kinds of transportation systems. Although Hakone has a lot of place to visit for two or three days, we can even enjoy Hakone for a day trip. Views of Mt. Fuji is ... read more

by Junichi
7h $ 223 up to 2 people

Hakone Mountain train, Open Air Museum, Lake Ashi Cruising

(11) Reviews

The Hakone area was designated as a National Park in 1938, and now lies as one of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which was designated in 1950. The Hakone area lies within the Fuji volcanic chain. Hakone area is a name given to a group of volcanic peaks. It has a famous lake called Ashli (lake of... read more

by Akira
9h $ 272 up to 4 people

Explore Beautiful Hakone Tour for viewing Mt Fuji

(22) Reviews

Hakone is the fantastic tour spot covering panoramic view of various mountains including Mt Fuji, beautiful Lake Ashi, fantastic ropeway and cable car and historic remains such as the old Hakone Check Point. read more

1 day $ 267 up to 4 people

Hakone Unforgettable One-Day Tour

(31) Reviews

This is a Hakone One-Day Tour. I will show you around Hakone by using " Hakone Freepass ". This pass makes it convenient to go around Hakone. With this pass you can freely get on and off the Hakone Tozan Train, Hakone Tozan Cable Car, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Tozan Bus, Hakone Sightseeing Cruise and s... read more

by Dai
10h $ 231 up to 6 people

Mt. Fuji and Shiba SAKURA 1day bus tour

You can enjoy the Mt. Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival. Also you can go to Japanese traditional village as Saiko "Iyashi no Sato (Japanese Healing Village)" Nenba where Cherry Blossoms are blooming, adventure at the cave and 5th station of Mt. Fuji. This tour will being driven in an air-conditioned bus. read more

by JPT
9:30h $ 125 per person

Hakone: The wonderful world

(1) Reviews

Hakone attract many people because of great view of Mt. Fuji, volcanic activity in front of you, various transportation, hot spring, historical site and etc. If you want to enjoy everything, you need to stay in Hakone at least 3 days. But you can enjoy Hakone even one day by taking golden route. read more

by Hiroshi
8h $ 187 up to 4 people

Highlights of Mt.Fuji area

(2) Reviews

In this tour, you can visit some popular destination near Mt. Fuji. -Kachi-Kachi Yama Ropeway On the lower eastern edge of Lake Kawaguchi, the ropeway runs to the Fuji Viewing Platform. The ropeway reaches the summit in three minutes and from this observation area(1075m), there is a panoramic view... read more

4:30h $ 160 up to 5 people

Heavenly Dahlia Festival and Shiraito Falls

This is one of the seasonal tours for summer. Let's visit Mt. Fuji area for dahlias and Shiraito Falls with us! read more

8:30h $ 783 up to 4 people

Day trip motorcycle ride in Mt. Fuji area by private guide rider

(4) Reviews

Let's ride in the pure air of Mt. Fuji with the lake breeze. The experienced rider with English speaking guide license will take you to the branch roads which are known to the locals only. Enjoy the magnificent Mt. Fuji figure and stop by at the photo taking spots where only your rider guide knows... read more

by Akira.K
9h $ 338 up to 5 people

Superb view of Mt. Fuji with an essence of art

(2) Reviews

In this tour, we visit several view points of Mt. Fuji and Kubota Itchiku Art Museum in Lake Kawaguchiko area on the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes of Mt. Fuji and it is a popular tourist destination for nice views of Mt. Fuji. Kubota Itchiku Art Museum displays wor... read more

by Miho
5h $ 205 up to 4 people

Worship of Mt. Fuji -Following the Footsteps of Pilgrims-

(2) Reviews

Over the centuries, people have worshipped Mt. Fuji and made pilgrimage to this glorious peak. Why don't we follow some of their footsteps and be immersed in the world of pilgrims? This is a walking tour to visit two prominent locations relating to Mt. Fuji worship, former Togawa residence which ... read more

by Miho
2:30h $ 107 up to 12 people

Hiking in Mt. Fuji ~Okuniwa & Ochudo Trail~

(2) Reviews

Ochudo trail is the circuit trail which goes around the mountain at the altitude of 2200m to 2300m. Okuniwa is said to be a place where Tengu, one of the mountain gods, played. In this tour, we hike Okuniwa and a part of Ochudo to enjoy the view and the nature of Mt. Fuji. The hike ends at Mt. Fuji ... read more

by Miho
3:30h $ 134 up to 8 people

Hakone Day Trip by Public Transportation

This is a typical day trip in Hakone by public transportation. Some sightseeing sites in Hakone near Tokyo will please you fully. You can enjoy a ship designed like a Viking one on a lake and then reach to the hot springs and volcanic craters area by riding on a rope-way. You can also enjoy histo... read more

8h $ 214 up to 6 people

Lake Kawaguchi Field Day Tour with Mt. Fuji Landscape

Enjoy the Lake Kawaguchi Field Day Tour with Mount Fuji Landscape straight out from Tokyo by highway bus! read more

by TJtours
11h $ 582 up to 4 people

Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Lake Kawaguchi Day Tour

Discover one of the most attractive spots in Japan! Hop on a highway bus in Shinjuku, Tokyo to head for Mt. Fuji Fifth Station directly, and enjoy a breathtaking view from the highest mountain in Japan. read more

by TJtours
11h $ 582 up to 4 people

Hakone sightseeing with private chartered van with free wifi (9 hours)

This tour will take you to Hakone by a private chartered van (up to 13 people). Enjoy sightseeing and cruising near Mt. Fuji and interesting art collection and Japanese local food shop. read more

9h $ 757 up to 13 people

Mt. Fuji sightseeing with private chartered van with free wifi (12 hours)

This tour will take you to the surroundings of Mt. Fuji including the Fuji Five Lakes by a private chartered van (up to 13 people). Enjoy a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji from different angles as well as beautiful nature and local specialty food. read more

12h $ 801 up to 13 people

Hakone full enjoyment tour of fantastic scenic, historical and culture spots

This tour include several essential sights such as scenic & historical spots, traditional and modern culture spots, exciting riding experience and healing spot. You will be impressed with the magnificent natural landmark and mysterious power of the nature. I will help you to make interesting exper... read more

10h $ 223 up to 6 people

Kawaguchiko Station, Explore Caves & Mysterious/ Beautiful Aokigahara Sea of Trees, 10km

You will explore 3 types of caves, bat cave, wind cave and ice cave, and watch one more cave. You will also leave your steps in beautiful Sea of Tree known as Aokigahara Jukai. You will see how volcanic activities of Mt. Fuji affected the area. Take note that bat cave will be closed for the period o... read more

by Yuji
7h $ 262 up to 5 people

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