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Cherry Blossom|Halal Lunch|Tokyo Camii

(37) Reviews

The tour includes visits to one of Japan's most famous cherry blossom viewing sites, i.e. Shinjuku Gyoen. We start this tour from Tokyo Tower, visit Shinjyku Gyoen, have lunch at a Halal restaurant a... read more

by Mari
4h $ 123 per person

Highlights of Flowering Cherries or sakura in Tokyo

(5) Reviews

This tour covers four of the best viewing spots of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. We start from a garden in Shinjuku to see the picturesque scenes of cherry blossoms. After 8-minute-train ride, we walk on ... read more

4h $ 70 up to 3 people

Cherry blossoms and historical Spots in Matsushima, one of the three most scenic views in Japan

Matsushima is one of "the three most scenic views in Japan". Matsushima Bay is dotted with approximately 260 pine-clad islands, and it's very beautiful. This area also has historical and prestigiou... read more

5h $ 70 up to 10 people

Cherry Blossoms and Historical Spots in Sendai

This is a tour to visit historical spots around the central Sendai City. All of them are related to Date Masamune, one of the most famous samurai in Japanese history. This tour includes Sendai Castle,... read more

4h $ 70 up to 10 people

One Thousand Cherry Blossoms and Samurai Culture in Miyagi

You can visit the most famous cherry blossom spots in Miyagi Prefecture. Funaoka Castle Park is one of the 100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan. You can reach the hilltop by slope car, and look ... read more

6h $ 70 up to 10 people

Cherry blossoms tour in Imperial Palace and Japanese garden

(30) Reviews

You can enjoy hundreds of cherry blossoms in the precinct of Imperial Palace and Japanese garden (Roppongi or Kourakuen garden) where you can enjoy tea ceremony. After enjoying full blossoms of cher... read more

by Kyoko
8h $ 231 up to 8 people

Let’s go to see Cherry Blossoms in early Spring in Izu - Kanagawa

(7) Reviews

Meet at Atami Station. (50 minutes from Tokyo by a bullet train) From the station, we will move to Kawazu station in Izu peninsula by train (app. 70 minutes). From there, we will walk to see early-blo... read more

by Takeshi
8h $ 268 up to 6 people

Kamakura History & Neighboring area Excursion [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

JR Kamakura station - Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine - including mountain trail, but not long - Kotokuin(famous for the large statue of Buddha) - Hasedera Temple - by local train - Enoshima(a popular scen... read more

8h $ 220 up to 5 people

Yokohama one day vivid and beautiful tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Sankeien]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel - by train and bus - from 9:30 am enjoying strolling in Sankeien Garden - by bus - from 11:30 am walking through various sightseeing spots: China town, Yamate old foreigner... read more

8:30h $ 229 up to 5 people

Colorful Walking Tour in Tokyo [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Shinjuku Gyoen]

(8) Reviews

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory(a panoramic view) - Shinjuku Gyoen National Park - Meiji Jingu Gaien(a famous street lined with ginkgo trees) - Nezu Art Museum(besides exhibits, a w... read more

8h $ 220 up to 5 people

Excursion to a fine Flower Garden and a High-class Temple [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel - by train and bus - Jindaiji Temple(located in Chofu city) - Jindai Botanical Garden - Jindaiji Temple Town(lunch, shopping and handmade pottery) - by bus and train - Shi... read more

5h $ 158 up to 5 people

Narita & Neighboring Optional Tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Naritasan Park]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at 9:30 am - a 20 minute walk - Narita-san Shinshoji - to Narita station around 12:30 pm - two optional tours: one is Kawamura Art Museum(a 2 hour facility tour & a 2 hour round trip to ... read more

8h $ 238 up to 3 people

Bonsai village & Neighboring Optional Tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Omiya Park]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel - by train - arriving at Omiya station at 9:30 am - a 20 minute walking - Hikawa Shrine(famous and high-class) - a 20 minute walking - Omiya Bonsai village: Bonsai Specialt... read more

8:30h $ 229 up to 5 people

Discovery of Japan's Modern Architecture & Gardens [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel, arriving at Kyu-Furukawa Teien at 9:00 am - a subway ride - Rikugien from around 10:30 am - a subway ride - walking through the campus of the University of Tokyo - Lunch -... read more

8:30h $ 229 up to 5 people

One day tour for the first time visitors to Tokyo [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

Takebashi(Tokyo Metro subway station) - through the Hirakawa gate into the East Garden of the Imperial Palace - Marunouchi(a famous business district) - Ginza(a high-end shopping street) - Kabuki-za(a... read more

8h $ 220 up to 5 people

One day Walking Tour in Greenery Tokyo [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

After meeting, by subway to Hakusan station - Koishikawa Botanical Garden - Hatoyama Kaikan - Chinzan-so - Tokyo Cathedral Church - Waseda University(Japanese-style garden and Theater Museum) - at you... read more

8:30h $ 238 up to 5 people

Former Residence of Great Artist in Yanaka & Ueno Free Tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

At 9:00 am, meeting at your hotel - by train to Nippori station - Asakura Museum of Sculpture from 9:30 to 10:30 am - walking through retro shopping streets and lunch - walking through Ueno Park: sev... read more

7h $ 211 up to 5 people

Quiet Temple and well preserved Nature: Walking Tour in Tokyo[Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(8) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel -by train to JR Meguro or subway Shiroganedai station - Institute for Nature Study from 9:00 am to 10:00 am - one hour walking to JR Gotanda station(something interesting o... read more

7h $ 211 up to 5 people

The Western Part of Tokyo [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Koganei & Inokashira Parks]

(8) Reviews

Koganei Park(a large greenery nice place)including Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum - by bus and train - Inokashira Park - by train - Shinjuku walking including Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bu... read more

8h $ 220 up to 5 people

Walking Tour of Samurai town of SAKURA in Chiba!!(30 minutes from Narita Airport by train

(4) Reviews

SAKURA city is most suitable sightseeing spot for the tourist who are going to stay in Narita or transit at Narita Airport!! Besides its locational advantage,it exposes all visitors to the Samurai war... read more

by Hiroki
4h $ 88 up to 5 people

Nara Yoshino Cherry Blossoms & Autumn Leaves Viewing

(81) Reviews

Mt.Yoshino is one of the most popular cherry blossom viewing spots and furthermore one of the most popular changing colors of autumn leaves viewing spots in Japan. Mt.Yoshino boasts 100,000 cherry tr... read more

by Hideo
9h $ 273 up to 30 people

Arashiyama Best Spot for Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves

(81) Reviews

Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan from 794 over one thousand years. I would like to introduce you Arashiyama, Ninnaji Temple , Hirano Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Arashiyama Peak is on... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 264 up to 30 people

Essence of Spring Tour | Cherry Blossom Festival (from Tokyo to Osaka)

Explore the essentials of Japan while sakura petals floating in the background during our 2018 Spring Cherry Blossom Tour. Visit top attractions in Japan, experience traditional Japanese culture, and ... read more

by JDT
6 days $ 2,730
Explore : 'JR & METRO Museums' and 'Sakura TRAM' for railway otaku fans!

Explore : 'JR & METRO Museums' and 'Sakura TRAM' for railway otaku fans!

The awesome tour for Railway Mania! Let’s visit and explore the captivating museums of JR (Japan Railways operates throughout Japan, used to Japan National Railway) and Tokyo Metro (Subway systems in... read more

8h $ 246 up to 5 people

Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

(11) Reviews

In Tokyo, the cherry blossom season is from late March to early April. The blossom is in full bloom only for several days. The standard course covers the following spots in Tokyo: (1) East gardens... read more

by Eddy
6h $ 158 up to 5 people

MUST-SEE spots of Kyoto-- Kinkakuji Temple, Arashiyama, Ryoanji Temple (Cherry Blossom Viewing !!)

(2) Reviews

These are the places to go in Kyoto. This golden route will offer you an once in-a-lifetime experience, from gorgeous Golden Pavilion, breathtaking nature, a dynamic Japanese garden and a mysterious ... read more

by Yuriko
6h $ 132 per person

Cherry Blossom Viewing Walking Tour from Ginkaku-ji to Maruyama Park

(62) Reviews

The tour starts at JR Kyoto Station at 9 AM. You will go to Demachi Yanagi Station by JR Nara Line and Keihan Line. From there you will begin walking. The main tourist attractions of this tour are ... read more

7h $ 246 up to 5 people

Cherry Blossom Viewing Kamakura Afternoon

(4) Reviews

Cherry blossoms are one of Japan's biggest attractions for tourists. Kamakura is a good place to see cherry blossoms. You first meet in the Kamakura Stationaton, see Great Buddha. Hase Kannon Temple, ... read more

by Shoko
4h $ 35 per person

Cherry Blossoms of Hirosaki castle Park Day tour from Aomori city

(5) Reviews

The most efficient way to get Hirosaki castle park from Aomori city is this tour. Since you have about 3 hours free time in the park, you can stroll the whole park freely. This tour will take place ... read more

5:30h $ 207 up to 4 people

Cherry Blossom Viewing Half Day Tour in Tokyo

(2) Reviews

This is a half day tour by using public transportation system. The life of cherry blossom is very short from late March to early April. I would like to show you the best spots for cherry blossom viewi... read more

by Toshio
4h $ 106 up to 5 people