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Personalized Tokyo Journey

Personalized Tokyo Journey

(49) Reviews

This one-day walking tour is ideal for those first-time-Tokyo-visitor and those who are not as well. The tour is designed only for you, based on your interests. read more

7h $ 196 up to 5 people
Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

Private tour as-you-like in Central Tokyo

(88) Reviews

This tour covers my recommendations in Tokyo. Please choose 2-3 places from the list first, and I may add some attractive spots near your choices if possible and make an itinerary according to your... read more

8h $ 276 up to 6 people
Best Memories of Hakone

Best Memories of Hakone

(131) Reviews

Hakone is very popular place for one day trip from Tokyo. We will take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara and a mountain train, a ropeway and cruise Lake Ashi by the Pirate ship to enjoy its various... read more

by Yuki
10h $ 267 up to 5 people
Tokyo tour à la carte

Tokyo tour à la carte

(131) Reviews

This tour covers my favorite places in Tokyo. You can choose three places in Tokyo from the list in the highlights. Please pay the extra fee of 3,000 JPY for high seasons (April, May, June, Septembe... read more

by Yuki
7h $ 187 up to 5 people
Two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima

Two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima

(24) Reviews

Visiting World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima. The Atomic Bomb Dome or the Hiroshima Peace Memorial is in the city center. Itsukushima or Miyajima is one of the three scenic locations in Japan and a sac... read more

by Michiru
8h $ 267 up to 10 people
1 day special customized tour in Kyoto

1 day special customized tour in Kyoto

(52) Reviews

Kyoto has many beautiful places to visit. I especially would like to take you to the most exciting spots in Kyoto in 1 day. Please pick a few of the options from the following sightseeing places and ... read more

by Toshiyo
7h $ 223 up to 6 people

Day Tour to Mt. Fuji by a Private Van / Microbus or Public Transportation

(27) Reviews

A day tour to Mt. Fuji area by a private van (up to 8 people) / a private microbus (up to 21 people) or public transportation (expressway bus + local route bus). Expressway bus + local private charter... read more

by Nobu
10h $ 392 up to 4 people
Tokyo Private One-day Tour

Tokyo Private One-day Tour

(31) Reviews

Tokyo is a beautiful, unique and exciting city. It has various kinds of charms of both traditional and modern aspects. This is a customized tour just for you. I listed popular places to visit below. ... read more

by Makiko
7h $ 218
 Day tour  Must See Tokyo

Day tour Must See Tokyo

(22) Reviews

Tokyo is capital of Japan is a concentrated center for everything from culture to politics to economics. There are so many spots to see one of its charms is modern buildings and monuments meet histori... read more

by Atsuko
7h $ 223 up to 5 people

Tokyo Up-to-You Tour

(15) Reviews

I recommend ending up the day with the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Bay, the most beautiful night view in Tokyo I would like you to see. We will visit the spots you would like to ... read more

by Yoko
7h $ 212 up to 5 people

One Day Hiroshima on your own

(29) Reviews

A more favorable option, my tour is geared for the more independent-minded travelers. This option lets you customize your one day tour with a variety of activities. Your day in Hiroshima is a blank pa... read more

7h $ 267 up to 5 people

8 hour Tokyo tour with 5 person private car (English-friendly driver)

Our driver will take you around sightseeing spots in Tokyo! We take pride in providing a customized tour with a luxurious black car for you at reasonable cost. You can enjoy an extraordinary time with... read more

8h $ 609 up to 5 people

Private Tour Bamboo grove in Arashiyma, Ryoanji temple , Kinkakuji temple and Gion district

(13) Reviews

Arashiyama is one of typical sight seeing spots in Kyoto and very popular place among not ony Japanese but foreigners. Arashiyma was developed as villas for the nobility in Kyoto. Kinkakuji templ... read more

by Akira
8h $ 294 up to 10 people
Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(76) Reviews

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Tick... read more

by Dai
8h $ 267 up to 6 people

One-day Tokyo tour in your own way

(27) Reviews

There are actually many ways to enjoy Tokyo. On this tour, you have an option to spend the day as you would like to - visiting sightseeing spots, eating at gourmet restaurants/bars, shopping at best s... read more

8h $ 249 up to 3 people

Your most memorable tour in Osaka (Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Douton-bori, Sumiyoshi Shrine)

(56) Reviews

In Osaka Castle, you can see huge stone walls, moats, turrets and Catle tower. Next, you will visit Umeda sky building and you can get a full view of Osaka city from there. After lunch, you will vii... read more

8h $ 267 up to 18 people

Mt. Fuji area, Fuji Goko (Fuji 5 Lakes), Customized way, Lake Kawaguchiko etc. featured

(20) Reviews

On the basis of your requests, I can customize the tour to fit with your needs. Main focus will be as follows (Cannot cover all) - Kawaguchiko area - Saiko area - Shrines like Kitaguchi Fuji Hon... read more

by Yuji
8h $ 274

Customized Private Tour in Kyoto

(38) Reviews

This is customized private tour in Kyoto which guests can create easily by selecting any spots from a list of popular tourist destinations. The list consists of 16 tourist destinations (S01-16) that ... read more

by Kenji
8h $ 263 up to 5 people

Osaka Special on a wheelchair

(11) Reviews

I'm a certified tour guide speaking English and taxi driver with a van equipped with a rear entry accessible lift. The van can accommodate 1to2 wheelchairs ,another 3 to 4 passengers and their luggag... read more

6h $ 445 up to 6 people

Kaleidoscopic Kyoto w/Award-winning Photographer

(8) Reviews

Ancient Artistic Kyoto Highlights Tour! Since I've been a student in Kyoto for twelve years, I know the city very well. Besides, I am an artistic person, I can take fantastic photos for you! (M... read more

by Ai
6h $ 445 up to 3 people

One Day Tour to Nikko – Fantastic Structures Harmonizing with Beautiful Nature

(20) Reviews

Two hours away from Tokyo by train, Nikko mesmerizes visitors with beautiful nature and fantastic shrines and a temple placed on World Heritage list. We will visit Nikko by public transportation and ... read more

by Aki
8h $ 285 up to 4 people
Furano and Biei Private Day Tour (Up to 15 passengers)

Furano and Biei Private Day Tour (Up to 15 passengers)

(1) Reviews

Explore the amazing colours of lavender and other flowers in this famous area. Visiting Furano Cheese Factory, Jam Factory, Anpan Man Shop, Tomita Farm and Patchwork Road. The Day Tours shown above De... read more

by SkyX
10h $ 623 up to 15 people
One day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo

One day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo

(131) Reviews

This tour is for those want to visit Kyoto within a day. We will use the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto which costs 28,000JPY per adult (you and the guide). You can choose one route from the list ... read more

by Yuki
12h $ 223 up to 5 people
Mt. Fuji viewing tour from Lake Kawaguchi

Mt. Fuji viewing tour from Lake Kawaguchi

(131) Reviews

Lake Kawaguchi is the most popular place to view Mt.Fuji. We will visit at least three places you can choose from the following list. My tour is very flexible to adjust your interests. read more

by Yuki
11h $ 294 up to 5 people

Tokyo One Day Customized Tour

(14) Reviews

I selected must-see places in Tokyo . Please choose three places you'd like to visit from the highlight below. I will add another place if we have time.If you'd like to take time for shopping or s... read more

by Keiko
7h $ 218 up to 8 people

Your Best Choice of Tokyo One-day Tour

Tokyo has a lot of sightseeing spots for foreign tourist. So, I narrowed them down to 8 spots for your options. If you are wondering where to go, book this tour. Just choose 4 or 5 spots out of them f... read more

by Shoji
7:30h $ 240 up to 7 people

Nagasaki Highlights

(9) Reviews

First, we will visit the Ground Zero where the atomic bomb exploded and walk to the Atomic Bomb Museum adjacent to the Ground Zero. Then we go to Dejima where reconstructed buildings in the design of... read more

by Yuko
4h $ 231 up to 5 people

Must-see in Nikko One-day Tour

Visiting must-see 3 sightseeing spots in Nikko, Toshogu, the most famous and popular shrine of the World Heritage in Nikko, the Kegon Waterfall, one of the 3 major waterfalls in Japan and Lake Chuzenj... read more

by Shoji
11h $ 378 up to 7 people

Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(22) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Market (including sushi at sushi restaurant for early lunch), Hamarikyu Japanese style gardens with Japanese tea in tea house, Sumidagawa River cruising taking water bus, and Asakusa Kann... read more

by Akira.S
7h $ 236 up to 4 people
Exciting Tokyo in 4 hours – Private Tour

Exciting Tokyo in 4 hours – Private Tour

(88) Reviews

This tour offers exciting & interesting spots in central Tokyo within 4 hours. It's the best for those who don't have a lot of time in Tokyo, have a limited budget, or don't need a guide for the whole... read more

4h $ 178 up to 6 people