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  • Cycling tour to the village forest in Ichinomiya, Chiba

    (24) Reviews

    The short trip from Tokyo you can meet fantastic experiences in Ichinomiya such as the real rural Japan with rich nature, the sea side street with comfortable refreshing sea breeze. Wishing you a wond... read more

    1 day
    US$ 64 per person
  • Visit Chiba castle and Chiba shrine

    (17) Reviews

    Visiting spots: (1) Chiba castle which houses the Chiba city folk museum (2) Chiba shrine which is one of beautiful Shinto shrines (3) The Sogo Chiba department store, especially its food floor T... read more

    by Eddy
    US$ 109 per person
  • Mt. Nokogiri, saw-shaped mountain, in Chiba

    (17) Reviews

    Mt. Nokogiri literally means “saw mountain” located at the southern part of Chiba prefecture. It offers a spectacular cliff view overlooking the Tokyo Bay and green countryside. In the mountain, ther... read more

    by Eddy
    US$ 371 up to 5 people
  • Welcome to Japanese Home Tour

    (30) Reviews

    Tired of popular tourist spots and like to see the real life of people in Japan? Visit my home! I live in the suburban area of Tokyo which takes about 50 min. from Tokyo station (20 min. train and 15 ... read more

    by Chiaki
    US$ 118 up to 4 people
  • Mt. Nokogiri Hiking – 2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking

    (20) Reviews

    Mt. Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture came off the 2nd place of Deep Spot in Japan Ranking by Nikkei Inc..From the top of Mt. Nokogiri, we can have a splendid panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula... read more

    by Hideaki
    US$ 309 up to 5 people
  • Japanese Rural Village - Old Historical Town and Castle-

    (8) Reviews

    If you have JR PASS, why not go to one day trip to Japanes rural area. Japanese local village still keeps old historical atmosphere. Let7s get on bullet train to old pretty town in Japan. You might fe... read more

    by Hiroshi
    US$ 371 up to 5 people
  • Urayasu (Chiba Prefecture) Tour

    (1) Reviews

    Have you heard of Tokyo Disney Land? They say "Tokyo" but actually it is located in Chiba Prefecture. Urayasu is located in the west of Chiba Prefecture, just to the north of Disney Land, and is a... read more

    by Momoko
    US$ 56 up to 4 people
  • Japanese Flower Arrangement

    (1) Reviews

    Many people loves flowers!! If you love flowers, don't you want to try the Japanse Flower Arrangement? It is not difficult. You will be surprised how a branch will make the beautiful space. read more

    by Naoko
    US$ 46 per person
  • Nakayama race track exciting tour

    Nakayama race track exciting tour

    If you are interested in horse racing in Japan, this tour is for you. As a racing expert certified by JRA, I will introduce you the fun of horse racing in Nakayama Racecourse. Tour Details: The guid... read more

    by Hisao
    US$ 185 up to 3 people
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple walking tour

    Naritasan Shinshoji Temple walking tour

    If you have extra time on the way to or back to Narita airport, you can stop by at Narita station. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is located at Narita station and it takes about ten minutes walk from Nari... read more

    US$ 102 up to 6 people
  • Chiba Cycling tour(up to 5 persons)

    Chiba station Chiba Park Chiba Shrine Chiba Castle Chiba monorail Chiba station read more

    by RYU
    US$ 56 per person
  • Time slip to Edo Era in Sakura Tour

    Time slip to Edo Era in Sakura Tour

    Meet a path of bamboo where a samurai ever walked between the samurai residence and Sakura-jo castle in the Edo era! Sakura-shi, Chiba that grew around Sakura Castle still features cityscape of the c... read more

    by ISAO
    US$ 111 up to 10 people

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