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(12) Reviews

Hi, I am Nobu, a government certified tour guide. My main areas as a guide are Tokyo and its Suburbs including Nikko, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. I can also guide you in Chiba, Ibaraki and Kanagawa. Many people arrive at Narita Airport, but directly go to Tokyo or other areas. However, there are ma... read more

Last Active: 3 minutes ago
$ 40 Hourly rate


(39) Reviews

Hi, I'm Dai. I'm a national licensed tour guide for foreign visitors. I've been backpacking around the world for the last 16 years. I've been to more than 150 countries worldwide. I'm proud of my traveling skills, flexibility and patience I've experienced through my journeys. I believe one o... read more

Last Active: 20 minutes ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


(53) Reviews

Hi, I’m Riko. I’m a national certified tour guide. I have been living in Tokyo more than 30 years, so I could say that I know Tokyo like the palm of my hand. I love showing visitors the best this city has to offer. With me you will discover so many attractions of Tokyo. I provide private tours so... read more

Last Active: 8 hours ago
$ 38 Hourly rate


(29) Reviews

Hello, My name is Masaharu. I am the National Licenced Tour Guide and Interpreter in English. I used to stay in London, UK for 14 years on business. This valuable experience gave me great passion for talking to many people with entirely different culture and historical background. Therefore, it ... read more

Last Active: 1 hour ago
$ 36 Hourly rate


(10) Reviews

I usually play tennis with my friends every weekend and am tough enough to take you around everywhere you would like to visit in Tokyo area. I've studied at the university and worked for the company located in Tokyo total over 40 years, and so I know main popular sightseeing spots and fantastic sp... read more

Last Active: 1 day ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


(3) Reviews

As I am a 59 year old man, born in Tokyo, graduated from a university in Tokyo and worked for a leading paper wholesale company at its headquarters for 35 years, I am an Edokko or a native Tokyoite. I am familiar with various interesting places in Tokyo and the Kanto area such as historic spots, sce... read more

Last Active: 21 hours ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


(3) Reviews

Would you like to have a private and professional guide who caters to all of your needs when you are traveling to Japan? I provide you with a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip in which you can feel you are guided by a local Japanese with personal warmth and without a language barrier. My name i... read more

Last Active: 22 hours ago
$ 25 Hourly rate


(4) Reviews

Hello, I am guchi ( same pronunciation as gucci), English guide. I used to live in Long island in New York. It was beatiful memory for me. I enjoyed the life in Big Apple, watching sport game at Shea Stadium and Madison Square Garden, and the musical at Broadway. I also have an experience to live in... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate


(1) Reviews

Hello, My name is Nobuyuki Usami (call me Sammy), a national licensed guide in English. I was born and grew up in Ichinomiya, seashore of Chiba, the famous place for surfing and real rural area near Tokyo. I really like traveling and have visited so many places not only in Japan also in foreign c... read more

Last Active: 18 hours ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


(1) Reviews

Hello. My name is Eiichi and my nick name is Eddy. So, please call me Eddy because Eiichi is difficult for visitors to pronounce. I am a licensed guide interpreter certified by Japanese government. I was born and live in Chiba prefecture, which is next to Tokyo and I have worked in Tokyo for m... read more

Last Active: 5 hours ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


My name is YOSEI TOM FUJIE, please call me just TOM. I have 11 years experiences in foregin countries such as US and European countries. Those are my great memories and now it is my turn to suport all visitors from any contries of all of the world. Don't hesitate to contact me. read more

Last Active: 9 hours ago
$ 27 Hourly rate


(1) Reviews

I'm a licensed English Speaking Tour Guide. I'd like to let you go on a walking tour in Tokyo or Tokyo's neighboring areas. Walking around Tokyo might add good memories to your trip. It's a private group tour in English which is provided by the licensed tour guide. read more

$ 28 Hourly rate


(2) Reviews

Hi, I'm AKIKO. I worked at a pharmaceutical company for more than 30 years, and early-retired in 2013. Now, I'm enjoying my life with tennis and traveling - especially in Europe. I've been living in Kashiwa-no-ha campus, Kashiwa city for 8 years with my husband and two cats. It's very convenient c... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate


I was born and raised in Saitama prefecture, located in the north of Tokyo. I have lived in the United States for six and a half years and have worked in the film and travel industries for about 12 years. I have a passion for tourism, I love travelling the world, meeting people and sampling the loca... read more

$ 36 Hourly rate


Hi! I'm Momoko Kobayashi. Call me "PEACH" if you like because "momo" means "peaches" in Japanese. I grew up in Chiba Prefecture and I've lived in Urayasu, Chiba for almost 20 years. Studied Human Resorces Administration at a college in Kentucky, the U.S.A. and have B.A. Currently I teach Engli... read more

$ 45 Hourly rate


Hi, I'm Nobuo Kono. Please call me "Nob" or "Noby". I am a national certified English tour guide. I became a tour guide, after working for a foreign company for over a quarter century. I am interested in the Edo (the old name of Tokyo) culture. And I also join volunteer groups which are "the Edo-... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate


Hello! firstly, thank you for your reading my profile. I passed the English guide test in 1968 and I enjoy the job for many years. It is a great pleasure for me to guide you to, for example, Meiji shrine, Takeshita street, Omotesando avenue, Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Tsukiji fish market, Roppongi hi... read more

$ 50 Hourly rate


My name is Toshio Ogasawara. I am a national licensed tour guide. I like traveling,climbing mountains,driving,watching movies and talking to foreign people. I grew up in Tokyo, and I am familiar with sightseeing spots in Tokyo. I would like to help you enjoy your stay in Japan. I hope you will... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate


This is my 4th year as a National licensed tour guides I'm experienced especially as --- ・a guide showing you the cutting-edge fashion in Tokyo "Feel Japan's top notch fashion!" ・a food-tour guide in Tokyo and cities near Tokyo "Try Japanese delicasy!" ・being good at showing and discussing abo... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate


Hello, my name is Yuko. I am a national certified tour guide. I love traveling abroad and I have learned from a lot of travels the importance of local tour guides who were able to make my tour unforgettable. Through these experiences I would like to help you make so wonderful memories of your trip ... read more

$ 33 Hourly rate


Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen ! My name is MASA. Thank you for visiting my page. I'm looking forward to seeing you, and enjoying Japan together :) Although I prepare some plans, I can change the plan, or make another plan with your request. Please feel free to contact me ! Tha... read more

Last Active: 1 hour ago
$ 28 Hourly rate


Since I was born in a family of Buddhism priest, reiligion is just a part of everyday life to me. Please feel free to participate in some rituals as a memorable experience in Japan. I can also arrange the tour to a small unknown temple where my brother is a priest, though it's located in coutrysid... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate


Hi, I usually work as a limousine driver in Tokyo and just started my career as a tour guide as well. Since I have taken many guests and their tour guides for 8 years, I am quite experienced and ready for being your guide for sure. I can't wait for taking you so many must-see spots and explaing ... read more

$ 27 Hourly rate


Hi, I'm Kimie. I'm a Licensed guide. I stayed in Australia and the U.S. for a while. I am a native of Ibaraki, but like to travel in Japan and find vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants. Ibaraki Prefecture is located northeast of Tokyo. The east of it faces to the Pacific, is rich in nature a... read more


My name is Masao Otsuka. I am a guide interpreter in English. I was an English teacher ,and was a pricipal of Junior and primary school. I like music and spotts, I studied English Education at Colombia University in the U.S. I lived in Guatemala in Central Amarica for 3 years,so I can speak Spani... read more

Last Active: 2 hours ago
$ 23 Hourly rate


(2) Reviews

Hello, My name is Yoshio Ogawa. Please call me Yoshi for short. I am a Government licensed tour guide. I have been working as a tour guide mainly in Kanto area for the past 3 years. I can show you around the major places of interests in Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura and Nikko. My hobbies includes pla... read more

$ 22 Hourly rate

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