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Hourly from:
$ 31
per group

In Kiso Valley, Magome and Tsumago, old post-towns Tour

(8) Reviews

  • Toson Shimazaki's Memorial Museum in Mag...
  • Shimizuya Historical House in Magome-juk...
  • Official notice board in Magome-juku
  • Waki Honjin Okuya-The secondary inn for...
  • Historical museum in Tsumago-juku
  • Honjin-The prime officially appointed in...
by Rumiko
$ 144
per group ( up to 5 )

Nagoya Golden Tour

(35) Reviews

  • Nagoya Castle
  • Osu Kannon Temple
  • Old shopping streets
  • Oasis21
  • Nagoya TV Tower
by Hideo
$ 279
per group ( up to 30 )

Matsumoto Golden Tour

(35) Reviews

  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Former Kaichi School
  • Timepiece Museum
  • Nawate dori shopping avenue
  • Matsumoto City Museum of Art
by Hideo
$ 270
per group ( up to 30 )

Meiji-mura(Meiji Village) after visiting Inuyama Castle (national...

(8) Reviews

  • inuyama Castle
  • Joan tea ceremony house (in Uraku-en)
  • Castle town
  • Meiji-mura ( Meiji Village)
by Rumiko
$ 162
per group ( up to 5 )

Two National Treasures of Inuyama and Castle Town

  • Inuyama castle (passing through Sanko In...
  • Urakuen tea garden (containing historica...
  • Castle Town (containing several shops, e...
by Naomi
$ 135
per group ( up to 10 )

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