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I worked as a public servant in the local government for 35 years. I belonged to the department of Redevelopment, Town-Landscaping and Architectural Guidance. (I have a national 1st-class architect license.) I devoted myself to revitalizing the city...

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Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worked in Osaka for nearly 40 years. I would like to introduce the Kansai region to you ,including ...

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$ 33.37
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I love traveling and I've traveled to a lot of countries over the years. Through traveling , I've had wonderful experiences seeing beautiful places ,meeting many people from different cultures, and eating delicious foods . I've also worked for an o...

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Travelience Inc. is a tour company, established Feb 2013. Our motto is “More Knowledge, More Fun” as we believe deep cultural understanding will make your travel special. Our guides know a lot about the culture, history and gourmet of Tokyo. We kno...

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