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Sumo Wrestlers Morning Training Watch

3 hours
up to 4 people
English ( Fluent ), French ( Fluent )

Our officially certified guide comes to meet you at your hotel and gives you basic guidance on how to properly watch a sumo practice at a sumo stable.


  • Watch Sumo Stable Practice,
  • Learn about basic knowledge and must-see points from specialized tour guides.

What to Expect

Sumo is a contact sport. Sumo wrestlers weighing over 100kg (220 lb) practice with all their strength. You can watch their practice at the ring side. Sumo wrestlers wearing nothing but a loincloth surround the ring. Practice starts from the lower ranked sumo wrestlers. All other wrestlers except for the competing two perform stretching exercise, basic sumo exercise to strengthen legs, hips, and upper body, and muscle building exercise. A match practice is a serious bout between two sumo wrestlers. As if competing in a real tournament, wrestlers hit head to head, push each other, or throw the opponent onto the ring. The winner is qualified to stay in the ring and competes with a new opponent. Some wresters stay in the ring for a long time by beating many opponents. As the practice progresses a higher ranked wrestler comes into the ring and easily defeats the lower ranked winner. Sumo is a world of real ability. Only the talented and well trained wrestlers can get to the higher rank and the rest should leave or retire.
Consequently, a sumo practice watch tour is permitted only to those who realize and follow the sumo tradition and manners. Our guide will ask you to follow certain rules in watching the practice. We may sometimes have to ask certain people who don’t follow the rules to leave the tour.

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Departure & Return

Starting time 07:30 AM
Meeting Point Your hotel
Ending Point at nearby station

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guiding fees, transportation fee from hotels using public transportation such as subway or JR. In case you prefer to use a taxi or hired car, an actual expense will be charged.
※In case of meeting at your lobby, your hotel should be within a ten-minute walk distance from a JR station on Yamanote Line or subway station. We may charge an additional fee in case your hotel is located out of this range.

What‘s not included

Lunch, Food and Drinks, Shopping Expenses


- Please follow the guide's instruction during the program. We shall not be responsible for any accident caused by disregard for the instructions.
- Program duration is an estimate. It is subject to change depending on the number of participants and/or conditions without notice.
- As a standard rule, children under 12 years old are not allowed to join this program, as many of them often cannot stay silent and keep sitting still.
- Please understand that you may be asked to sit on a floor without chairs at some stables.
- Before you visit a stable, remember to read the precautions you need to follow in the FAQ .
- Please advise us if you have any religious or health restrictions, allergies, or the case where you would like to request a special care for participants, including children. Please note that any programs booked without an inquiry will not be guaranteed.
- Our services are mainly offered in English. In addition, services in other languages, such as Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian are also available. In case you would like services in languages other than English, please inquire us as soon as possible. We will check the availability.
- Before booking, please email us to check the availability.
Please note that any programs booked without an inquiry will not be guaranteed.
- Our business hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. For inquiries received outside the business hours, we will look into them and respond on the next business day.

- In February and March, a tour is offered in Osaka . Please check the detail here:
- In June and July, a tour is offered in Nagoya . Please check the detail here: read more

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 2 days prior to meeting date
  • 80% Refund - 1 day(s) prior to meeting date
  • No Refund - on the meeting date

Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep in mind following precautions when you visit sumo stables.

1 相撲部屋は真剣勝負の場なので、敬意を表すること
A sumo stable is not a facility for tourists. Sumo wrestlers are practicing very hard and
seriously every day. So please don’t forget to show respect to the stable master and
2 動かず黙ってみること
Please watch the practice quietly and do not move around in the stable.
3 私語厳禁
Please do not talk in the stable. Even your whispering voice may disturb the wrestlers.
4 土俵や土に立たないこと
Please don’t stand on the ring or on the sandy ground. The ring is the sacred place for
the wrestlers.
5 靴を脱ぎ、畳敷きのスペースに座ること
At the entrance of the stable, please take off your shoes and step onto the tatami floor
(rush mat floor). Then sit on the floor. When you sit on the floor, please cross your legs
and don’t stretch your legs toward the ring. It is considered impolite to show the soles of
feet to the wrestlers.
6 帽子やサングラスを取ること
Please take off your hat and sunglasses inside the stable.
7 禁煙・飲食禁止
Inside the stable, you are not allowed to eat or drink or smoke. So please keep in mind
“No food, no drink and no chewing gum and candies.”
8 写真撮影は座ったままの状態のみ可で席の移動はできません。必要以上のフラッシュ禁止。特
You can take photos during the practice but you are not allowed to stand up or move
around. Please do not use flash more than necessary and do not use cameras with a
loud motor and shutter sound.
9 携帯電話の電源は切ること
Please turn off your mobile phone.

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Reviews ( 2 )
Yana Yana United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Morning Sumo practice with Rumi ”

Rumi is super organized! Dropped off a booklet on Sumo before arranging a stable visit to watch training — she’s solid & friendly!

Istvan Istvan United Kingdom ( Couple )
11 months ago

“ sumo training session ”

very interesting, we were well informed through the training

TJ Tours:

Dear Istvan. Thank you very much for joining our tours! It is pleasure to hear your feedback. I will surely deliver this to your guide - Mr. Murao. Hope we could serve you in future. Many thanks and kind regards. Ken Kageyama.

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