27 Sep 2014

One of the things you should experience is zen meditation.

Do you think it difficult? At first I thought so.

I have experienced it twice in my life. First time was no good, I couldn't do well ( I guess )

But at the second time, thanks to the monk's advice, it was a little better.

According to the monk, "In a word, Zen meditation is a matter of balance and regulation"

"We regulate the body, we regulate the breath, and we regulate the mind. When body, breath, and mind have come into a state of harmonious balance and deep inner tranquility, we naturally awaken to our pure original spirit and realize the true value of our existence"


The monk told me to set our legs crossed. When we do so, my back stands straight. When my back is straight, he told me to try to breathe out slowly counting number, one... two....three...
Then breathe in slowly controlling our breath.
Soon, I could hear birds singing, the wind blowing. I tried not to think anything, Just listening to the natural sounds

Curiously, my mind was becoming peaceful and calm.

Someone says a zen garden reflects your state of mind. Facing the garden, after closing your eyes and trying to set your mind calmly, when you opened your eyes, the garden will be felt differently.

Why don't you try it?


Zen Meditation

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