Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics

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Traditional Japanese garden is one of the must-see spots when you visit Japan. Yusentei garden is the best traditional garden in Fukuoka which you can enjoy all the year around. Each season has a distinctive scenery with a wide variety of trees and flowers.  Now is the best season for fresh greenery , and I really enjoyed walking along the circular path around the pond. 

Yusentei was built in 1754 as a villa of the 6th feudal lord of Kuroda family who ruled over Fukuoka domain.  Fukuoka city restored it into the traditional Japanese garden in a circuit style with water sceanery as a designated tourist spot.  As it's located a bit away from the city center, the place is less crowded and very peaceful. Why don't you make a side step to the no-touristy spot ? 

Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics
Yusentei has a pond with koi carps you can feed, surrouded by the circular walking path. Enjoy relaxing time with beautiful greenery.  
Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics  Yusentei garden : Feel tranquility and Japanese aesthetics
 The view from a former residence of successive feudal lords. You can sit and enjoy the garden with maccha tea and Japanese confectionary.   

 Yusentei garden

Open : 9:00-17:00

Close: Mondays

Admission fee : 200 yen for adult,  100 yen for children (junior high school and under)  Maccha and sweets : 300 yen

Access: Around 30 minutes by bus from Hakata station and Tenjin station

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(16) Reviews

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