20 Jun 2014

Can you guess why this river has a gourd shape?

Yoro waterwall, located in Gifu-Prefecture, is one of my favorite spots especially to visit in summer. Yoro is famous for the waterwall and the pure water called, "Kikusui-no-mizu" literally meaning 'Water of chrysanthemum. It is said that this water is effective for curing a disease and keeping us young! In ancient day, people used to bring the water using a gourd.

I am not sure whether this story is true or not, but this place is good for a half-day trip.

This waterfall is also known as a training place for esoteric Buddhism practice. Even today some trainees visit this waterfall to do a special practice by sitting under the waterfall, to regain a special power, to purify themselves etc.


Yoro waterwall, one of the best 100pure water of Japan

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