20 Jul 2014

Imagine this: you walk around Shinjuku, Tokyo, trying to find a nice place to eat with your girlfriend. There, at the corner, that seems like a nice place! Little do you know that once you enter, you are treated to some scantily clad girls dancing on a bar, a furious girlfriend and a much lighter wallet on your way out. 
Why did this happen? Because you didn't read the sign above the entrance!

Be safe, with the Japanese dictionary app 'Yomiwa'.
It is perfect for those who don't speak Japanese, but want to read certain notes, signs and boards in Japan.

You make a picture of a Japanese text and the app translates it directly.
When the picture is foggy or too far, you can also manually draw the kanji characters by hand and look up the translation. Especially useful for signs at beaches, wild parks etc., this app can ensure you stay safe (and that you don’t litter where it’s not allowed).


Yomiwa: the Japanese reading oracle

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