01 Sep 2015

A golden, foamy ale is always refreshing!

Here in Minatomirai's Landmark Plaza, a new attraction has opened, where you can enjoy a wide variety of international brews. It's a Beer Paradise! Beers from all over the world are represented, such as German, Belgium, British, American and Czech. There are over 15 kinds of draft beer, and in all around 250 different varieties of bottled beer.

In addition, patrons can also choose from a selection of local and ethnic cuisine to satisfy anyone's palate, such as German brats and Spanish tapas.

Furthermore, there are five different counters, each of which is designed to simulate and authentic drinking experience. When you move to the next counter, you feel like you were in another country!

After a long day of sightseeing in Yokohama, why don't drop by this bar and have a relaxing break? Cheers!


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