03 Jun 2015

Enjoy Yokohama!Enjoy Yokohama!

There are many exciting sightseeing spots in Yokohama. Some candidate sightseeing spots are following:

1. Chinatown (restaurants, shops, entertainment facilities, Kantei-byo (mausoleums sacred to the memory of Guan Yu), Maso-byo (Doukyo temple to worship Mazu, Chinese goddess of the sea))

2. Yamashita Park (near Chinatown) to enjoy views of Yokohama port, bridge, ships, etc.,  Silk Museum, Yokohama Doll Musuem

3. Minato Mirai 21 area (commercial facilities, hotels, amusement parks, convention facilities, cultural amenities, etc.)

1). Red Brick Warehouse (a cultural and commercial facility that utilizes two historical buildings constructed more than a century ago.)

2). CupNoodles Museum 

3). Yokohama Landmark Tower (Observatory at 273m in height, shopping mall, restored stone dock called the Dockyard Garden)

4) Yokohama Cosmo World amusement park (Cosmo Clock 21 (113m in height, a Ferris wheel or a big wheel ),etc.)

4. Sankeien Garden (a traditional and typical Japanese-style garden designed and landscaped by a wealthy businessman in the silk trade. Opended in 1906.)(about 40-50 minutes from JR Yokohama station).

5. Yamate area (Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen), Yokohama Doll Museum, Yokohama Tinplate Toy Museum, etc.)

6. etc.





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