24 Oct 2016

Yanesen Diary 

Himitsudo, the best shaved ice shop in Tokyo, is now temporarily closed

The shop, located along narrow pass just off the crowded main street  of  Yanaka Ginza,  always has a long line waiting for its so facinating shaved ice made of natural ice from Nikko and hand made fruit syrup. However when I passed throuh the street last weekend, I noticed there was no line.


 Many visitors were making sighs.  

Himitsudo is now on Autumn vacation according to the bulletin board below.  

Yanesen Diary - Himitsudo is now closed

It says "We are sorry but we are having Autumn vacation from October 11 to October 28.  October 29 is the first day of winter operation. We appreciate so many  guests we had during the summer in 2016. We would like to ask your unchanging support all the way from now on also."  It also says "We would like to apologize to the guests visiting durimg this break and we prepared cosmos flowers to welcome you instead of us." 

Yanesen Diary - Himitsudo is now closed

If you want to visit Himitsudo to have one of a kind shaved ice,  please let me know during my Yanesen Walking Tour. But after October 29!!

 By the way Himitsu means secret as well as ice and syrup in Japanese. Therefore Himitsudo probably means ice and syrup shop in scecret house.

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