24 Nov 2016

Yanesen Diary

Gingko tree has changed its dress into yellow preparing for coming winter.

 Since Gingko tree is a symbol tree of Tokyo, we can see many. Some of them are very old and gigantic. In Yanesen area there is also one old and gigantic gingko tree. Traditionally  we Japanese believed such a gigantic tree is a sort of spirit.

Now the spirit has changed her dress into brilliant yellow preparing for the coming cold winter.

Yanesen Diary - Ginkgo tree in Yellow dress

 It is so joyful moment for us before the severe season.

Nearby Ueno park we can enjoy the “tunnel” of gingko trees.

Yanesen Diary - Ginkgo tree in Yellow dress

Many pepole are walking through this yellow tunnel.

Oops!! Don’t step on the leaves.

Yanesen Diary - Ginkgo tree in Yellow dress

Even the leaves on the road are so beautiful, aren’t they?

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