Yanaka-Bochi graveyard

by Tak

Yanaka-Bochi graveyardIt's a beautiful sunny day. I went out walking around Yanaka area near Ueno. Yanaka-Bochi graveyard is originally in the property of Kan'ei-ji  which is the Togugawa family's temple. Still their left graves of Shoguns, their family and high ranking Samurai officers. The graveyard of Tokugawa family is really impressive and it shows rather kind Oriental feeling than Japanase traditional culture. 

Yanaka-Bochi graveyard is located just by JR Yamanote-line Nippori station. To stroll in the property is really comfortable and you can see a lot of artistic and cultural tomb stones.

Unfortunately, I haven't created Yanaka tours yet. However I'm preparing them and even though before I open thosee tours, I can guide you to the traditional and cultural town. 

If you have any intrest, let me know by messaging. 

03 Nov 2015


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