30 Jul 2014

Yakisoba is a type of Japanese fried noodle dish commonly sold at events and festivals in Japan. It is basically made up of pan-fried wheat flour noodles seasoned with a sweet savory sauce, tossed with cabbages and bean sprouts, and thin pork slices. Yakisoba is said to be derived from China's original Chow Mein noodle dish, and is now a major part of the Japanese cuisine.


Although normally seen sold in food carts in Japanese festivals, yakisoba can also be easily made at home. But the experience of having yakisoba within the vigorous and lively environment of a traditional Japanese festival can never be compared to just eating it at home. 


Yakisoba: Japanese Fried Noodles

Photo from minkara.carview.co.jp


Another variation to yakisoba noodles is the yakisoba pan, which is Japanese-style fried noodles on bun. It is a famous lunch meal to middle school and high school students in Japan.


Yakisoba: Japanese Fried Noodles

Photo from photobucket.com


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