02 Mar 2016

Hello,it's Kahoko.

This time, I'm out of my place. It's like a guide isn't it ?

I came here to make a research for my tour.

I often visit Harajuku area with my guest. This area is quite unique

because stylish boulevard for adult "Omote-sando" and the famous teen fashon bazaar "Takeshita-dori" are next-door located.

Today I found a "Wow!"in Takeshita-dori.

Enormous and colorful cotton candy , it is.

Because of its visual impact ,there was a line in front of the shop.The girl holding the candy was surrounded by several people on the street and taken pictures ,then she said,"Wow,I feel like a model in a magazine."”Wow!" in Takeshita-dori

If you have a sweet tooth, it may be worth trying.

Unfortunately, I don't .

So it's time for me to enjoy a glass of beer instead in a mature atomosphere of Omote-sando. Shall we?



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