2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.

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2015 World Cosplay Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan

2015 Cosplay Summit was held on Aug 1.

26 cosplay- representative pairs from 26 countries participated and performed on the stage . Sakae, downtown of Nagoya  was filled with feverish excitement .

The pair from Mexico was chosen as 2015 Grand Champion. 

The second winner was from Italy and the third was from the US.

The Mexico pair was also awarded special prize , which was given to the one who got the highest points on- line. 


The pair from Mexico was chosen as 2015 Grand Champion. The legend of ZELDA.  

2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.


The pair from Italy was chosen as the second winner. Neon Genesis EVANGELION2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.

The representatives and a great number of ordinary cosplayers paraded the street of Osu on Aug 2.

2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.

2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.


Japanese anime and manga comic books have become well-known all over the world for adults and children. Costume paly called "Cosplay" is popular culture that grew from manga and anime. The first Cosplay Summit started in 2003 in Nagoya, Aichi ,Japan and since then a lot of representatives from many countries for the event come to Nagoya and perform their best . The event has grown year by year and cosplayers are now  from 26 countries !

What to see ?

The event started from July 25 and ends Aug. 2 at several places mostly in Nagoya.

The main events :

Aug.1---  Cosplay Championship at Sakae. The cosplayers displayed their best performances on the stage to get the grand champion. The participants are judged by not only their costumes but also overall performance. (Admission tickets are required. )


Aug.2---The cosplayes parade was held on the shopping street of Osu, where the World Cosplay Summit was born.  It's so impressive. You can see the cosplayers from short distance. There are Osu Kannon Temple and more than 1000 small shops,including new and secondhand , manga, anime shops,restaurants , street stalls. It's a heaven for fashion fans and bargen hunters. 


2015 World Cosplay (costume play) Summit &Parade in Nagoya, Aichi Japan. 

 If you are interested in Nagoya, please check Eating and shopping in Nagoya after Inuyama Castle Tour


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20 Jul 2015


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(8) Reviews

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