24 Jan 2015

Kimono is making a comeback.

 Silk kimono is a long robe traditionally worn at ceremonial occasions; such as weddings and graduation, which can fit most body types even though it comes in only one size. Similarly, a cotton variation called "Yukata" is worn as summer wear at firework displays and festivals. In everyday life, Japanese people usually wear western clothes, because kimono is hard to put on and maintain. However, today as Japanese, especially the young, are becoming interested in traditional culture; such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement, the beauty and classicism of kimono are coming back. In addition, now new types of wash-and-wear polyester kimono and ready-tied sashes are appearing. These are much easier to handle and take care of.

 Why don't you try wearing kimono?


 "Asakusa-Shichihenge" is a popular kimono shop, located next to Asakusa-kannon temple. This shop specializes in kimono rentals and accessories. Patrons can stroll the historical streets of Asakusa and experience what life was like in olden times. I'm sure wearing kimono in Asakusa will be one of the highlights of your stay in Japan. 

 Why don't you try wearing kimono?

The base price one can expect to pay for a kimono is ¥3,500. However, group discounts apply for 2 or more people(¥2,500 each).

Accessories such as Japanese socks and a flower-shaped hair ornament are ¥300 and ¥100 respectively.

Happy cosplay!

Why don't you try wearing kimono?

The shop is sited between Asakusa-kannon temple and Hana-yashiki amusement park. You can book up to 2months in advance.

HP: asakusa-7henge

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